Food System Certification

Food System Certification Elucidation

A Food Safety System Certification is a written validation published by an independent third party through a systematic approach to determining food safety hazards and implementing controls to ensure product safety.

Food Safety System Certification is a key consideration in regional and global trade transactions and national and international market access. The certification is also part of the consumer demand to improve the company’s image by implementing a food safety system. Guaranteed validation will also increase the competitiveness of producers through image and product credibility.

Food System Certification Service Scope

The scope of the food system certification includes the food products industry, beverages, packaging, catering services, distribution, transportation and storage service providers, and equipment manufacturing. Certification related to this scope are:

  • HACCP Certification 
  • Organic Certification 
  • Certification ISO 22000
  • Good Manufacturing Practice

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Food System Certification