Logo Meaning


The corporate identity in the form of the TIGA BOLA DUNIA logo symbolizes the Company’s business activities which have an international scope and unites the three business areas, namely on land, sea, and air.

  • The dark blue color means a stable, lasting, safe, and reliable nature, symbolizing a business that can be trusted and relied on.
  • The bright blue color has a clean and spacious impression and reflects the order and the breadth of the scope of business.
  • The blue color gradation depicts the nuances that symbolize the diversification or diversity of types of business, as well as a movement that represents a nature-oriented toward the community’s development and progress.

The PT SUCOFINDO logo printed using Microgramma (aero style) has a firm, strong, broad, and stable impression, so this characteristic creates an image that follows the nature of a business that is always serious in every commitment related to all parties.

The IDSurvey validation icon communicates the quality assurance that IDSurvey will provide to all customers.

The high-resolution PT SUCOFINDO Logo can be downloaded at the following link: logoSucofindo

*Size 1MB