Business Sector

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Activity Sector

Sector Elucidation

This sector includes professional, scientific, and engineering activities that require a high level of training and specific skills available to users, such as management consulting activities, architecture, technical analysis and testing, lawyers, notaries, natural science research and development, and others, etc.

SUCOFINDO provides objective and credible assurance services to support each corporate entity in the professional, scientific, and technical activity sectors to maintain and enhance the company’s image.

The professional, scientific, and technical sector requires communicative and comprehensive services to cover various important aspects of this sector’s business. SUCOFINDO has the experience to provide these services by referring to the technical standards that apply nationally and internationally.

SUCOFINDO Service Products

SUCOFINDO provides comprehensive services run by professionals assisting the professional, scientific, and technical sectors in operational activities. For the sake of systematic implementation, these services are divided into five categories, namely: