Business Sector

Electricity, Gas, Steam/Hot Water, and Cold Air Procurement Sector

Sector Elucidation

This sector includes the procurement of electricity, natural gas, hot steam, hot water, and the like through permanent infrastructure networks, channels, or pipelines. The assets of this business sector include the operation of power and gas generating machines that generate, control, and deliver electric or gas power; procurement of hot steam and cold air/air conditioning systems; ice production activities for both consumption and other needs.

SUCOFINDO provides services as an objective, independent third party to help provide credible guarantees.

Electricity, gas, steam/hot water, and cold air are essential for various corporate entities as assets and physical infrastructure facilities. To ensure a smooth and effective business implementation, SUCOFINDO assists in the process of supervising the procurement of electricity, gas, steam/hot water, and cold air facilities so that the company can determine corrective actions or continuous improvements to the protection system it has.

SUCOFINDO Service Products

SUCOFINDO provides various types of assurance services for the electricity, gas, steam/hot water, and cold air procurement sectors so that corporate entities can get comprehensive services following market demands. These services are divided into five categories, namely: