Business Sector

Land, Sea, and Air Transportation Sector

Sector Elucidation

The transportation sector is one of the sub-sectors of the Indonesian infrastructure sector, which is a determining factor for national development because the availability of adequate and effective infrastructure and facilities on land, sea, and air will determine the speed of Indonesia’s economic growth.

SUCOFINDO serves the transportation sector from the infrastructure, electricity, and maritime aspects to help ensure the smooth operation of the industry.

SUCOFINDO provides supervision services for procuring industrial facilities and fulfilling the four main factors of building reliability (safety, health, convenience, and comfort). This service also includes verification and inspection activities on electrical equipment and industrial installations so that companies can determine corrective actions or improvements that are more strategic than before.

SUCOFINDO Service Products

Fulfillment of the four main factors of SUCOFINDO’s building reliability covering the fields of structure, mechanical systems, electrical systems, and fire protection systems. SUCOFINDO also provides integrated services, which include the following services: