PT SUCOFINDO Business Activities

PT SUCOFINDO Business Activities

Based on the Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number: AHU-80823.AH.01.02 of 2008 concerning the Approval of the Deed of Amendment to the Company’s Articles of Association, the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Article 3, PT Sucofindo (Persero) conducts business in the field of survey services and Inspection and optimization of the utilization of company resources to produce goods and / or services of high quality and mutually empowering to gain / pursue profits in order to increase the value of the Limited Liability Company.

To achieve the aims and objectives stated above, the Company may carry out the following main business activities:

A. Inspection (inspection), supervision (supervision), assessment, monitoring, testing, verification related to the business field in accordance with the Indonesian Standard Business Field Classification (KBLI) which is generally in the field of business:

– Agriculture and Forestry;
– Fisheries;
– Mining (oil, gas, non-oil and non-gas);
– Processing industry;
– Electricity, gas and water;
– Construction;
– Trade;
– Transportation, warehousing and communication;
– Company services;
– International agencies;
– Government;
– Renewable energy.

B. Survey which includes:

– The condition of the cargo;
– Facilities and infrastructure for land, sea and air transportation including their equipment;
– Engineering and industrial facilities, including engineering;
– Living environment
– Financing objects for inventory and warehousing;
– Forest, forest products and forest products industry;
– The quantity and quality of commodities;
– Process of industrial, mining, trade, agriculture and plantation activities;
– Projects related to construction and installation (buildings, civil transportation);
– Survey and Mapping;
– Remote sensing (remote sensing and photogrammetry);
– Hydrography (bathymetry);
– Geography;
– Geology;
– Registration of land ownership (cadastral).

C. Certification, audits and assessments relating to management:

– Quality;
– Environment;
– Occupational Health and Safety;
– Risk;
– Security (Security);
– Sustainable Production Forest Management and Chain of Custody;
– Calibration testing of tank instruments and proving meters;
– Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) in the pharmaceutical industry and the food and beverage industry;
– Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the pharmaceutical industry and the food and beverage industry;
– Vendor assessement;
– Informatics;
– Product Certification;
– Carbon Emission Reduction Certification.

D. Technical assistance and consultation relating to and relating to:

– Macro and micro studies;
– General planning studies;
– Technical assistance;
– System planning (information, corporate governance, etc.);
– Training and development;
– Equipment and Production Provision;
– Providers of technicians and other personnel;
– Well testing (DST and Well Production Test);
– Seismic Acquistion and Data Processing;
– radiation and non-radiation NDT;
– Salvage and Underwater Work;
– Coal and MOM (Mineral, Ore, Metal) commodities include:

1. Superitending Quality and Quantity;
2. Pit sampling and testing;
3. Core Sampling, testing and Drilling;
4. Refining Witnessing;
5. Gold Assay and Base Metal Analysis (Au, Cu, Ag, As, Sb);
6. Stockpile Management;
7. Monitoring the Production of Coal and MOM;
8. X-Ray and Wet Chemical Analysis;
9. Mining Upstream Services;
10. Cathonic protection and soil investigation;

E. Supporting mining, agriculture, industry, trade and health activities:

– Fumigation of cargo in warehouses and / or in hold / means of transportation;
– Pest Management in residential and hotel environments (rat control, general pest control, termite control);
– Pest Management on plantation crops;
– Environment (Amdal, RKL / RPL, monitoring);
– Qualitative & Quantitative guarantee (qualitative and quantitative guarantees).

In addition to the main business activities as referred to in the point above, the Company can carry out business activities in order to optimize the utilization of its resources for rental services and the business of facilities and infrastructure owned by the company.