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Forestry Sector

Sector Elucidation

The forestry sector supports a large part of the Indonesian economy by earning foreign exchange, providing raw materials for the fabric industry, developing the region, providing job opportunities for the community, and so on. To sustain these roles, the forestry sector needs to continuously improve the quality of enterprises and production to continue to provide quality results.

SUCOFINDO provides objective assurance services that wood and wood products from the forest are managed following social, economic, and environmental regulations and standards.

SUCOFINDO services also provide services for developing management plans and distribution of forest products following domestic and national regulations. SUCOFINDO offers a wide range of services for the forestry, wood, and paper industry, ranging from SVLK, a chain of custody certification for forest products, and forest management certification, to timber due diligence services.

SUCOFINDO Service Products

The forestry sector is an important part of the socio-economic life of the Indonesian people. To improve the quality of companies in this business sector, companies need to increase productivity and efficiency first. In helping companies improve themselves, SUCOFINDO provides services consisting of: