Business Sector

Wastewater Treatment Sector

Sector Elucidation

The wastewater treatment sector processes and manages waste to be disposed of without harming the environment. This sector generally manages domestic (household) waste and the rest of factory, industrial, and agricultural operations. The waste management sector is one of the national priority sectors in the 2020-2024 RPJMN.

SUCOFINDO provides planning, utilization, and waste management services to support efficiency aspects in industrial processes.

To comprehensively assist corporate entities from this sector, SUCOFINDO helps the industry evaluate waste utilization and management programs to support efficiency aspects in industrial processes.

SUCOFINDO Service Products

Demographic, economic, social, geographical, and health aspects are closely related to the operational work of the wastewater treatment sector, so a credible and objective intermediary such as SUCOFINDO is needed to provide integrated services which are divided into