ISO 21001

ISO 21001 Elucidation

SNI ISO 21001:2018 (Educational Organization Management System) is a standard that details requirements and provides guidance for establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing, and improving a management system for educational organizations.

ISO 21001 Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO’s ISO 21001 services have a scope that includes:

The SNI ISO 21001:2018 certification process includes several steps as follows:

Application Submission

Application requests are submitted to PT SUCOFINDO

Stage 1 audits

Ensure that the documented SMOP meets standard requirements and ensures organizational readiness before stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 audits

Ensuring SMOP is implemented effectively by meeting standard requirements, laws, and regulations.


The technical review makes decisions based on published recommendation reports.

Certificate Issuance

Certificates are issued after all stages of certification have been carried out. 

Initial Documents that Need to be Prepared:

Organization Profile. SMOP Guidelines, SMOP policies, goals, and objectives, Identification of SMOP risks & opportunities, Internal audit reports, Management review results, and Document master list.

For Higher Education, Add Documents:

PT Organizational Self Evaluation Report, PT Organizational Performance Report, and PS Organizational Performance Report.

Additional Requirements for SNI ISO 21001:2018 Certification Institutions

The number of audit days refers to the IAF MD 5 Determination of Audit Time of Quality and Environmental Management Systems (referring to the Environmental Management System with low complexity category).


  • Goals and activities are more aligned with policies (including mission and vision)
  • Greater social responsibility by providing quality education that is all-inclusive and equitable to all
  • Learning that more closely follows the needs of each individual and, especially, students with needs, special education, distance learners
  • Consistent process and evaluation tools to increase effectiveness-efficiency
  • Increased organizational credibility
  • The means by which educational organizations demonstrate their commitment to effective educational management practices
  • Become a culture of organizational improvement
  • Harmonization of regional, national, and international standards (SPMI/SPME)
  • Greater participation of interested parties
  • Stimulate innovation in effective educational management

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