Green Building

Green Building Elucidation

Green building is a building that has a highly efficient performance in the development stage as well as in the operational phase. You need to verify assessment criteria to get green building certification, and green building assessment tools can be calculated from GREENSHIP or EDGE assessments.

Green building certification will also enhance the company’s image by reducing liquid and solid waste, encouraging energy efficiency and water conservation and assisting cost efficiency related to energy and water conservation.

Green Building Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO is competent in carrying out Greenship certification and providing green building reviews to customers. The scope of this service includes:

Greenship/Edge New Building (NB) Certification

That is intended for buildings to obtain a certification process starting from the project owner. This is demonstrated by a solid commitment to realizing environmentally friendly buildings from the design stage to the completion of the construction phase.

Greenship/Edge Existing Building (EB) Certification

That is intended for buildings that have been built can be certified green buildings where this arises from the commitment of building owners to make their buildings environmentally friendly

Greenship Interior Space (IS) Certification

The target for GREENSHIP is the user, who is generally a business entity in the form of a tenant company management and uses part or all of the space in the building, followed by the process of fit-out activities that accommodate the company’s activities.

The GREENSHIP Interior Space / Interior Room assessment scope is limited to fit-out activities. It includes management policies in selecting locations or buildings and management carried out by administration after the activities inside start operating.

Greenship Home Certification

It is an assessment of the scale of a unit-dwelling house

Greenship Neighborhood Certification

This assessment is for area scales such as housing, CBD, or industrial areas.

Green Building Certification Scheme

  • Greenship Certification
  • EDGE Certification

Green Building Certification Process

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