Organic Product Certification

Organic Product Certification Elucidation

Through the National Standardization Agency, Indonesia has issued standards that can be used as a reference for the application of organic processing systems (SNI 6729:2016 Organic Agriculture Systems). This standard refers to many international standards, including European Regulation (EU 2008 Regulation No 2092/91), Codex Standard, USDA National Organic Program, IFOAM Basic Standards for Organic Production and Processing, to ASEAN Standard for Organic Agriculture so that this standard can be applied when on the farm or off the farm.

PT SUCOFINDO-International Certification Services (SICS) is one of Indonesia’s first certification bodies with decades of experience in conformity assessment activities, including certification services. Currently, SICS has 26 accredited certification schemes, including quality management system certification (ISO 9001), health, safety, and environmental management system certification (SMK3L – ISO 14001), product certification (SNI and CB Scheme), product certification organic, to food safety system certification (GMP, HACCP, up to ISO 22000).

Organic Product Certification Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO’s organic product certification services cover the following categories:

  • Fresh plants and plant products
  • Livestock and livestock products
  • Wild product
  • Production inputs (fertilizer)

The service certification process has several steps. Here are the stages:

  1. Application

Application for quality system certification is submitted to PT SUCOFINDO, SBU SERCO.

  1. StageI: Preliminary Audit

Ensure that the company’s documented quality system meets the requirements of the selected standard and provides readiness for the company’s Quality Management System before the certification audit.

  1. Stage II Certification Audit

To ensure that the company’s quality management system is implemented effectively and meets the requirements of Legal & Regulatory Aspect Audit and Scope standards

  1. Audit & Report Follow Up (If Necessary)

If the compliance audit identifies significant non-conformities, a follow-up audit will be conducted to ensure the corrective actions taken by the company are implemented and effective.

  1. Review of Recommendations Report

A report detailing the audit findings and recommending the applicant for approval is then submitted to the Technical Reviewer.

  1. Certification Decision

If the auditor’s recommendation is accepted, the Technical Reviewer approves the application for certification.

  1. Supervision Audit

Periodically Supervision Audits are conducted to ensure the certified company maintains compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard and its systems.

  1. Renewal Audit for Certificate Renewal

To continue certification, every three (3) years, the certified organization’s quality system will conduct a full Compliance Audit.

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Organic Product Certification