Mining Safety Management System Certification

Mining Safety Management System Certification Elucidation

Mining Safety Management System (SMKP) is a management system that regulates the management of mineral and coal mining safety and a mining safety management system specifically for processing and/or refining.

PT SUCOFINDO’s SMKP certificate is valid for 3 years, and surveillance audits can be carried out yearly. Re-certification is carried out before the expiry of the certificate validity period.

Mining Safety Management System Certification Service Scope

To obtain SMKP certification, there are several steps that companies must go through. Here are the steps:

Application Submission

Submission of applications by filling out the form from PT SUCOFINDO.

Preliminary Document Review (Stage I)

Ensure the initial completeness of the required documents.

External Audit Process (Stage II)

External audits are carried out at the organization’s site through document and field reviews—rating in the form of a percentage.

Audit Reporting

External Preparation of external audit reports and submission to Organizations, KAIT, and related technical offices.

Certificate Issuance

Certificate issuance by PT SUCOFINDO with registration number from KAIT

The initial documents required include the following:

  • Document Master List
  • Data on the history of work accidents and diseases due to mining work
  • Company Profits
  • SMKP Policy Objectives, Targets & Programs of SMKP Hazard Identification K3 & KO
  • Fulfillment Identification & Evaluation
  • Regulations
  • SMKP Guidelines
  • Internal Audit Report
  • Management Review Results

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Mining Safety Management System Certification