Waste Quality Monitoring

Waste Quality Monitoring Elucidation

Developments in processing technology and materials encourage more use of chemicals that require special handling. The level of demand for products in more significant quantities and varieties results in more and more mixed waste.

Meanwhile, public awareness of environmental quality is increasing and becoming a factor that cannot be ignored. PT SUCOFINDO’s waste quality monitoring service provides accurate, reliable, and timely information regarding the quality of the waste produced, which will assist in making decisions effectively and efficiently.

B3 waste and waste quality monitoring services are carried out for industrial entities that produce waste with significant volume and toxicity in their operational processes.

PT SUCOFINDO will conduct periodic monitoring. Based on the monitoring results, follow-up actions can be determined, among others, by processing and securing the waste.

Waste Quality Monitoring Service Scope

Monitoring the quality of waste helps companies obtain accurate data on the quality of waste generated periodically and alternative ways to handle it. Companies can use this data to determine effective and efficient process choices, enhancing their image and credibility thanks to their environmental concern.

PT SUCOFINDO’s waste quality monitoring work process includes the following steps:

  • Planning
  • Periodic waste sampling
  • Analysis of samples and categorization of waste
  • Preparation of recommendations and reporting
  • Monitor follow-up repairs.

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Waste Quality Monitoring