Sustainability Certification (ISPO and SVLK)

Sustainability Certification (ISPO and SVLK) Elucidation

Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) is a business system in the field of oil palm plantations that is economically viable, socially viable, and environmentally friendly based on Presidential Regulation Number 44 of 2020 concerning the Indonesian Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation Certification System and Minister of Agriculture Regulation Number 38 of 2020 concerning Implementation of Certification for Indonesian Sustainable Oil Palm Plantation.

The Timber Legality Verification System, or SVLK, is a certification that ensures that wood products and raw materials come from sources and are managed according to legal aspects. This certification came into force in June 2009 when the Government of the Republic of Indonesia issued the Minister of Forestry Regulation No. P.38/Menhut-II/2009.

These two certifications are enforced to provide quality natural resources for national and international markets.

Sustainability Certification (ISPO and SVLK) Service Scope

Apart from improving the quality of the company’s image and customer trust, sustainability certification Secures market access to countries that have established regulations on procuring wood products from certified sources, complies with government regulations regarding the legality of timber and mustard plantations, and helps improve product business governance, forestry industry, and oil palm plantation

With the accreditation of the National Accreditation Committee (KAN), PT SUCOFINDO’s CERTIFICATION services related to ISPO include:

  • Palm Oil Plantation Processing Business
  • Oil Palm Plantation Cultivation Business
  • Integration of Oil Palm Plantation Cultivation Business and Palm Oil Plantation Processing Business

PT SUCOFINDO’s SVLK CERTIFICATION service has also been accredited by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) to carry out the CERTIFICATION audit process with a scope that includes:

  • Holders of Forest Utilization Business Permits (PBPH) and management rights holders are required to obtain S-PHPL.
  • Holders of Forest Utilization Business Permits (PBPH) and management rights holders who have not obtained S-PHPL are required to obtain S-LK (only valid for three years)
  • Holders of Business Permits for Utilization of Forests (PBPH), holders of Management Rights, holders of approvals for social forestry management, holders of licenses for the Utilization of Non-Forestry Timber, owners of Private Forests, forest product shelters, PBPHH holders, holders of Business Permits for industrial business activities, or mandatory exporters get S-LK.
  • SIUP/NIB holders are required to obtain S-LK

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Sustainability Certification (ISPO and SVLK)