ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Elucidation

ISO 50001 is a standard used to manage energy performance, including energy efficiency and consumption. ISO 50001 : 2011 provides a framework of requirements for organizations to:

  • Preparation for an Energy Management System Audit
  • Develop policies for more efficient use of energy and improve targets and goals to meet policies
  • Energy review to identify significant energy uses
  • Review and select priority aspects in reducing energy consumption
  • Basic settings and performance indicators
  • Use data to understand  and make better decisions about energy usage
  • Operations measurement results review the effectiveness of the policy
  • Continuous improvement of energy management.

ISO 50001 Service Scope

The scope of PT SUCOFINDO’s energy performance management services has a scope that includes:

  • Small – Medium Scale Industry
  • Building
  • Energy Supply
  • Big Industry

In the process, PT SUCOFINDO’s ISO 50001 certification process involves several steps, namely:

Application Submission

Submission of applications is made by filling out the application form and questionnaire obtained from PT SUCOFINDO. The application form contains a general description of your organization/company’s business in terms of certification, and the questionnaire form describes energy utilization, including energy equipment and the person in charge.

Stage 1 Audits

Stage 1 audit is carried out at the organization’s location to ensure compliance with the mandatory requirements set by the ISO 50001 standard so that the organization/company is assured that it can continue with the following Stage 2 Audit stage.

Stage 2 Audits

Stage 2 audits are carried out at the organization’s location to determine whether the organization’s/company’s management system has been implemented and is running the whole Energy Management System concept. This stage results in the resulting recommendations for organization/company certification.


The recommendation stage begins when the results of the Stage 2 Audit produce a positive recommendation for certification.


The certificate will be issued based on the ISO 50001 standard, which is applied based on the scope and application. Certified company information will be included in the directory of companies that PT SUCOFINDO SERCO has approved and made public.

Supervision Audits

Conducted annually to ensure consistent maintenance and application of ISO 50001 standards


  • Solving energy efficiency problems
  • Improve the use of energy consumption assets
  • Estimating the environmental impact of greenhouse gases
  • Improve energy management and communications
  • Provide best practices for energy efficiency
  • Prioritizing new energy to save technology
  • Improve energy efficiency supply chain
  • Describe a detailed greenhouse gas reduction plan

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