Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Elucidation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organization/company’s responsibility toward all its stakeholders, including consumers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment. There are three main pillars of CSR known as the triple bottom lines, namely not only pursuing profit (profit) for the benefit of shareholders but also paying attention to the interests of stakeholders, fulfilling community welfare (people), and actively participating in preserving the environment (planet).

PT SUCOFINDO’s services and workforce have been certified by CSRS (Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist) and CSRA (Certified Sustainability Reporting Assurer) for carrying out audits with valid and objective assessments.

Corporate Social Responsibility Service Scope

In its services, PT SUCOFINDO provides the following scope:

  • Sustainability Audit: Conducting CSR-based audits for the social, economic, and environmental sectors covering the government, private, and NGO sectors
  • Assistance in the implementation of corporate CSR programs: Create procedures for CSR activities, provide service & supervision during CSR activities, create work programs for CSR activities based on the results of Need Assessment Analysis and Social Mapping
  • Measuring the impact of the CSR program using the SROI Method: Making analyzes and recommendations that are preceded by collecting primary data (survey) and secondary
  • Measurement of Community Satisfaction Index recipients of CSR programs: Qualitative and quantitative measures to determine the level of community satisfaction in obtaining services or assistance from CSR programs
  • Making Social Mapping within the framework of PROPER: The process of systematically describing the community by collecting data and information about the community, including profiles and social problems that exist in the community

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Corporate Social Responsibility