HACCP Certification

HACCP Certification Elucidation

Food Safety System Certification is a systematic approach to determining food safety hazards and applying controls to ensure safe products. One form of this certification is the HACCP certification.

HACCP certification consists of 12 steps and 7 principles, which are a logical and systematic approach to taking preventive measures to produce food products that are safe for consumption.

The audit criteria for HACCP certification follow the specific requirements of KAN.K-07.03, SNI CAC/RCP 1:2011, which is identical to the General Principles of Food Hygiene (CAC/RCP 1-1969 Rev.04-2003). The standard regulates a series of food chains from primary production (on the farm) to final consumption, emphasizing the control of the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

HACCP Certification Service Scope

The scope of PT SUCOFINDO’s HACCP certification services includes a number of types of products and services as follows:

No. Sektor
01.0 Produk-produk susu dan analognya
02.0* Lemak, minyak, dan emulsi minyak
03.0 Es untuk dimakan
04.0* Buah dan sayur
05.0* Kembang gula/permen dan coklat
06.0* Serealia dan produk serealia
07.0 Produk bakeri
08.0* Daging dan produk daging
09.0* Ikan dan produk perikanan
10.0 Telur dan produk-produk telur
11.0* Gula dan Pemanis, termasuk madu
12.0* Garam, rempah, sup, saus, salad, produk protein
13.0 Pangan olahan untuk keperluan gizi khusus
14.0* Minuman, tidak termasuk produk susu
15.0* Makanan ringan siap santap
16.0 Pangan siap saji (terkemas)
17.0 Food Contact material
18.0 Produksi Pakan Hewan
19.0* Jasa Boga
20.0 Distribusi
21.0 Penyedia jasa transportasi dan penyimpanan
22.0 Jasa Penunjang
23.0 Produksi kemasan pangan dan bahan kemasan pangan
24.0 Pabrikasi peralatan
25.0* Produksi dari bahan (bio) kimia

Keterangan : *Ruang lingkup terakreditasi KAN

Stages of Management System Certification


  • As a principal consideration in regional and global trade transactions
  • Access to national and international markets
  • Fulfill consumer demand
  • Improving the company’s image, Declaring the implementation of a food safety system
  • Increase the competitiveness of producers

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HACCP Certification