ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems Elucidation

ISO 14001 is part of the International Standard Series that can be applied to all organizational systems with a focus on environmental performance, which is defined as the measurable results of the management carried out by an organization on its environment.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems Service Scope

  • Scope of Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification Process
  1. Application

An application for an environmental management system was submitted to PT SUCOFINDO, SBU SERCO.

  1. Stage I Preliminary Audit

Ensure that the company’s documented environmental management system meets the requirements of the selected standard and ensure the readiness of the company’s Environmental Management System before the certification audit.

  1. Stage I Certification Audit

Ensuring that the company’s environmental management system is implemented effectively and meets the requirements of Statutory & Regulatory aspects and scope audit standards.

  1. Audit & Report Follow Up (If Necessary)

If a Compliance Audit identifies significant non-conformities, a follow-up audit will be conducted to ensure the corrective actions taken by the company are implemented and effective.

  1. Review of Recommendations Report

A report detailing audit findings and recommending applications for approval is submitted for review by the Technical Reviewer.

  1. Certification Decision

If the auditor’s recommendation is accepted, the Technical Reviewer approves the Certification application.

  1. Supervision Audit

Periodically Surveillance Audits are conducted to ensure the maintenance of the company’s Environmental Management System and to identify improvements to be taken.

  1. Renewal Audit for Certificate Renewal

Ensuring that the Organization’s Environmental Management System is implemented, effective, and meets the system requirements and scope of Certification by emphasizing the improvement of the Environmental Management System to improve company performance.

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ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems