Management of Sustainable Forest Management

Management of Sustainable Forest Management Elucidation

Sustainable forest management can reduce the negative impact of the modern world’s deforestation rate and positively influence ecological, social, and legal aspects. Sustainable forest management must comply with government regulations regarding sustainable production forest management and timber legality. In addition, fulfilling this obligation will secure the company’s market access to countries that only receive products from certified sources.

As an independent, professional, and experienced party, PT SUCOFINDO provides good verification services to help companies grow added value to the sale of certified products and build a positive image for the international community.

Management of Sustainable Forest Management Service Scope

In the operational progress, PT SUCOFINDO’s certification services include a number of stages as follows:

Certification Application Submission 

In the case of applying for PHPL certification, the management unit must send the completed PHPL Certification System Application and Questionnaire to PT SUCOFINDO (Persero), Jakarta, at the address as written on the application, or it can also be submitted to the nearest branch of PT SUCOFINDO (Persero).

Pre Audit Publication

Before conducting an audit, PT SUCOFINDO (Persero) will announce or publish the PHPL audit field assessment plan on the LPPHPL website, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Independent Monitor, website in the village/ward where the concession is located and/or the mass media.

Document Review/Audit Phase I

Before conducting a field assessment, the management unit must first submit data and company legality documents for stage 1 audit/document review by the audit team of PT SUCOFINDO (Persero)

Phase II Field Assessment/Audit

The phase 11 field assessment/audit activity was carried out by the PT SUCOFINDO (Persero) audit team at the concession location, preceded by coordination activities with the Provincial Service and Local Forest Area Consolidation Centers and Centers before and after the field assessment and public consultation to accommodate aspirations, suggestions, and input related to the company’s operational activities. In carrying out field assessments, the PT SUCOFINDO (Persero) audit team must be accompanied by a management representative authorized by company management with a Power of Attorney or Letter of Assignment.

Certification Decision

PHPL performance assessment decisions are made by giving a final grade with a grade and predicate of “GOOD”, “MEDIUM”, or “POOR”. The auditee is declared PASS and given a PHPL Certificate if the final performance score is rated “GOOD” or “moderate” and all timber legality verification assessments are declared “FULFILLED”.

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Management of Sustainable Forest Management