Green Port Certification

About Green Port Certification

An environmentally friendly port (ecoport) or Green Port is a sustainable port development with environmentally friendly methods, an international requirement regarding port standards.

This development must meet environmental requirements and the port’s economic interests. PT SUCOFINDO’s Green Port certification service will integrate environmentally friendly methods into the operating system, management, port development, and other services as an independent third party with a more objective assessment to help ports balance environmental impacts and economic interests.

Green Port Certification Scope

The Green Port is a sustainable development concept (Sustainable Port/Ecoport) that will be a solution in energy use efficiency, promoting clean coal technology, and implementing renewable energy or biofuels.

Green Port Certification services of PT SUCOFINDO help you realize this implementation through several steps, including:

  • Provide understanding to port operators/operators regarding the concept of sustainability in ports.
  • Assist ports in compiling guidelines for implementing the Green Port concept.
  • Assist ports in formulating programs, program details, cost estimates, and assessment tools in implementing the Green Port Concept.
  • Assist ports in implementing the Green Port concept, pre-implementation steps, and evaluating the level of implementation achievement.
  • Help ports to communicate with external parties who can be a supporter or critical success factors in implementing the Green Port concept.
  • Improve port competitiveness.

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Green Port Certification