Electrical Installation Equipment Testing

Electrical Installation Equipment Testing Elucidation

Electrical installation equipment testing services are tests carried out, including safety testing. PT SUCOFINDO’s services help to ensure that the products produced meet the requirements of safety standards. This assurance also aims to reduce the risk of product recalls from the market (product recall) and protect the reputation of the company and product brand.

Electrical Installation Equipment Testing Service Scope

Testing the safety of electrical installations to meet SNI and IEC standards includes test parameters, such as:

  • Protection against electric shock
  • Protection against mechanical hazards and fire
  • Measurement of power and electric current
  • Temperature rise measurement
  • Normal and abnormal usage testing
  • And other test parameters

Energy efficiency testing refers to Indonesian national standards (SNI) and IEC and Energy Saving regulations from the relevant Ministries.

For electrical installation products, PT SUCOFINDO tests electrical installation products used in households and buildings, such as electrical cables, switches, plugs, sockets, and the like. Testing also aims to meet safety and performance following SNI and IEC regulations for the product certification process.

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Electrical Installation Equipment Testing