Storage of Goods Inspection

Storage of Goods Inspection Elucidation

The storage area is intended to protect and conserve goods and supplies. Thus, the quality of the storage area affects the quality of the duration of storing goods.

PT SUCOFINDO’s inspection services can improve the quality of the company by providing a comprehensive description of appropriate storage areas, complete with recommendations for repairs, physical provisions for storage areas, facilities, and supporting infrastructure. This service also provides inspection reports that can be used as supporting documents to obtain financing and insurance facilities.

Storage of Goods Inspection Service Scope

The inspection of PT SUCOFINDO’s goods storage area is applied to the storage of goods in the form of solid, liquid, and gas, both in packaging and in bulk which includes:

  • Closed warehouse for packaged solid goods, such as agricultural materials, industrial materials, electronics, and so on
  • A silo is a storage place for bulk solid goods such as bulk corn and bulk sugar
  • Storage tanks for storage of liquid bulk goods, such as Crude Palm Oil and its derivatives, chemical products
  • A stockyard is a place to store open storage commodities, such as coal or other mining products, steel, and their derivatives.

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Storage of Goods Inspection