Animal Handling Feasibility and Traceability Audit

Animal Handling Feasibility and Traceability Audit Elucidation

Animal Handling Feasibility Audit and Traceability is an applicative need implementation service carried out along the livestock supply chain. This service applies to loading ports, livestock (Feedlot), and abattoirs (RPH) approved by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery (DAFF), Australia.

PT SUCOFINDO services use the Australian Standard ESCAS (Exporter Supply Chain Assurance Scheme) to ensure compliance with livestock technical rules and regulations.


Animal Handling Feasibility and Traceability Audit Service Scope

Animal handling and traceability feasibility audits are PT SUCOFINDO’s independent audit services covering loading ports, livestock (Feedlots), and slaughterhouses (RPH) approved by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery (DAFF), Australia. Based on the location approach, this service can be performed at the following locations:

  • Unloading port where the unloading (discharge) of imported feeder cattle or other types of livestock.
  • Livestock or breeding grounds (feedlots), especially feeder cattle, imported from Australia. Here cattle are raised for a certain period until they reach a certain weight or fattening before being slaughtered at an approved slaughter facility.
  • Means of slaughtering or location used for the process of slaughtering cattle that have been raised in the feedlot and then distributed to the market in the form of fresh meat or other

This service has benefits for several parties. Where for livestock importers, audited and approved facilities can receive livestock from Australia, while for exporters:

  • Import whose facilities have been approved.
  • Track exported cattle from unloading at ports, fattening in pens to slaughtering a slaughterhouse
  • For the Australian government–ensuring that livestock exported to importing countries has been treated properly and meets the established criteria
  • For the supplied government–ensure that the handling of imported livestock has complied with international provisions related to animal welfare principles

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Animal Handling Feasibility and Traceability Audit