Industrial and Building Energy Audit

Industrial and Building Energy Audit Elucidation

Energy Audit is an evaluation process on energy utilization and identification of potential energy saving and recommendation for improved efficiency to users of energy resources and energy in the context of Energy Preservation (Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resource of R.I. Number 14 the Year 2012).

These savings are significant so that limited resources can be used for the benefit of the wider community. In the context of climate change, this energy efficiency measure is part of a shared commitment to reducing global emissions, where Indonesia is one of the largest emitters.

Industrial and Building Energy Audit Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO’s energy audit services can help you reduce energy and production costs, environmental damage, pollution, and the impact of greenhouse gas emissions as the basis for conducting an energy review. In the process, this service has a scope that includes:

  • Walk through audit
  • Preliminary audit
  • Detail audit

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Industrial and Building Energy Audit