Industrial Product Inspection

Industrial Product Inspection Elucidation

The current economic growth encourages more widespread development in manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, and real estate. To increase competitiveness, manufacturers, contractors, investors, traders, exporters, importers, and carriers need industrial product inspection services to ensure the quantity and quality of their metal, fertilizer cement, and cement products and increase credibility among other competitors.

PT SUCOFINDO’s industrial product inspection service provides quantity and quality before shipment or at the time of receipt by determining the amount, weight, or weighing. Meanwhile, a quality determination is carried out through visual inspection and laboratory testing.

Industrial Product Inspection Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO’s industrial product inspection services have a scope of work that includes the following processes:

  • Obtain certainty about the quality and quantity of raw materials and final products used according to specifications
  • Obtaining certainty that the stages of the production process have produced products according to predetermined specifications
  • Maintain and nurture product quality
  • Increase sales with on-time delivery
  • Protect consumers from counterfeit goods and dangerous products
  • The inspection result certificate can be used as a transaction document, and contract fulfillment as supporting data if there is a problem with the product in the future

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Industrial Product Inspection