Collateral or Inventory Management

Collateral or Inventory Management Elucidation

Management of bank collateral or other lenders other than banks is needed to ensure details and certainty of the entry, inventory, and expenditure of the goods that are the collateral.

Thus, lenders need alternative lending by utilizing movable collateral as a guarantee. This answers the debtors’ limitations in submitting collateral as fixed assets. The presence of an independent third party to facilitate the management of movable and changing collateral will bring these two interests together.

Collateral or Inventory Management Service Scope

PT SUCOFINDO’s collateral management services have a scope that includes supervising the receipt of goods, including quantity, quality (if needed), visual, stacking, and management of goods as long as they are stored in a designated warehouse.

The release of goods can only be done after receiving a written order from the bank or the lender as the principal. Before the commencement of work, a warehouse inspection that will be used for storing collateral goods is usually carried out.

This service is intended to provide a sense of security to the bank or other lenders on the risk of managing/supervising commodities as the main guarantee for the loans provided. Another benefit of this service is in the form of up-to-date information on the amount and position of collateral/inventory quickly to the Bank or Debtor during the Collateral/Stock Management Agreement.

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Collateral or Inventory Management