Quantity Assurance

Quantity Assurance Elucidation

Quantity Assurance is a planned and systematic approach that aims to build accountability for the quantity information of an economic content. This quantity also covers the need for data transparency by implementing internal control mechanisms along with verification and validation of the fairness of the data.

Quantity Assurance Service Scope

In order to assess the fairness of the production operation statement, formal quantity assertions will be submitted to the government, partners, investors, and other stakeholders. In helping companies build information accountability, PT SUCOFINDO’s Quantity Assurance service has a scope that includes:


  • Producing Wells
  • Wells Performance Monitoring

Production Process Facility

  • Separation of oil, gas and water
  • Testing an oil or gas well
  • Collect and measure oil, gas and water production
  • Sending oil to terminal
  • Water and gas injection


  • Measurement and calculation of oil receipts from collecting stations
  • Stock management in terminal
  • Implementation of lifting
  • Measurement and calculation of oil in the tank before and after lifting using certified measuring instruments
  • Determination of oil quality
  • Creation and signing of lifting documents
  • Verify the difference in volume and quality

Additional Information

Quantity Assurance