8 Reasons Why Street Businesses Need a Halal Logo from LPH

The Importance of the Halal Logo from LPH in Business

In the last few months, many netizens have felt anxious. Several eating places have non-halal menus. As a result, more residents are currently looking for food in places with a halal logo from the Halal Inspection Institute or LPH.

It is not surprising because Indonesia is a country with a Muslim majority of 237.55 million people. This population is equivalent to 86.7% of the total population in Indonesia. Therefore, halal certification is currently very necessary in various sectors. Not only restaurants but also street businesses.

Do Street Vendors Need a Halal Logo from LPH?

Not many street vendors put up LPH Sucofindo halal certification on their merchandise. Based on Law Number 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantees, the Ministry of Religion requires halal certification for food and beverage products.

Therefore, street vendors should immediately make arrangements to obtain halal certification. After October 17, 2024, the government will impose sanctions on street vendors who have not yet processed halal certification.

Reasons Why Street Businesses Need to Put a Halal Logo from LPH

There are several reasons why street businesses need to obtain halal certification from the Halal Inspection Institute (LPH). Here’s why:

1. Meet Muslim Consumer Demands and Preferences

The first reason is that there is a lot of demand from Muslim citizens or consumers. As explained above, many consumers are now wary of where to eat in Indonesia. This eating place sells not only halal menus but also non-halal menus.

Especially if the owner or restaurant manager doesn’t understand this. It could be that after cooking a non-halal menu, the tools are also used to cook a halal menu.

This can be avoided with a Halal Inspection Institute (LPH) certification. Relevant parties will survey the suitability of the street vendor before providing a halal logo.

You can entrust this to an institution recognized by the Halal Product Guarantee Agency (BPJPH), such as PT Sucofindo. This institution can inspect and test the halalness of products from street vendors.

2. Attract New Consumers from the Muslim Market Segment

It cannot be denied that now many people prefer street food places with a halal logo guaranteed by the LPH, rather than no logo. Of course, this can attract new consumers, especially Muslims.

Muslims prefer to eat at a place that is guaranteed to be halal rather than at a flashy place that is not certified. Your business customers will increase by displaying this logo.

3. Build Business Reputation and Credibility

There are many ways to build a good reputation for your business. Such as listing several product certifications. For example, food products or halal cosmetic products

A good reputation will make your business look more credible. So consumers will be interested in your product. You can get all of these product certifications through PT Sucofindo. Accredited institutions to carry out various halal certifications for your business.

4. Expand Marketing Opportunities and Business Reach

Of course, you don’t want product sales to stagnate. Every businessman, of course, wants a broader market. So it can increase consumer reach.

MUI halal certification can expand your marketing opportunities. For example, if you want to open a branch in an area where most Muslims are, such as Sumatra, especially Aceh.

Of course, this certification is very necessary. Moreover, this province is a halal destination whose target is Muslim tourists.

5. Become Differentiated from Competitors

Not many street businesses are aware of the importance of halal certification. Even popular restaurants are still unfamiliar with this matter. You have to be the differentiator here.

Instill in yourself that all businesses need this certification. Especially in Indonesia. Even the government has recently stepped up the program of halal product certification. Differences from competitors make your business superior to others.

6. Increase Trust and Competitive Advantage

One of the things that business people, including street vendors, must have is consumer trust. If consumers trust you, no matter where you sell, consumers will still be loyal to you.

Also, this halal logo from the Halal Inspection Institute (LPH) can increase consumer confidence in you. Of course, this can give you an advantage in competing with other street vendors.

It could be that your product is no better than your competitors. However, consumers prefer to buy from you because there is halal certification from LPH. Because trust in your business is greater than that of other traders.

7. Guarantee Product Quality and Cleanliness

How to get halal certification is not just anything. You will be asked to prepare various things. Starting from food ingredients guaranteed to be halal to equipment.

This requirement ensures the quality of traders with halal certification, and there is no visible difference. For traders who have halal certification, quality is guaranteed. Because the materials used must comply with standards. Including in terms of cleanliness.

Meanwhile, of course, their quality is not guaranteed for traders who do not have halal certification. The materials and tools are not necessarily safe, halal, or clean. No one guarantees the products from these traders.

This requirement is, of course, not only in written form but also directly proven by the relevant institutions. If street vendors do not meet the requirements, they cannot get a halal logo. You have to improve it to meet these requirements.

8. Adapt to Government Policies and Regulations

Based on Law Number 33 of 2014 concerning Halal Product Guarantees, BPJPH of the Ministry of Religion has officially initiated a mandatory stage for street vendors to register to obtain a halal guarantee. This implementation will be carried out in stages from 17 October 2019 to 17 October 2024.

This regulation requires you, as a street vendor, to adapt to government policies. If you have not received halal certification by the specified time period, the government will impose sanctions on the street vendor.

This step is a breakthrough by the government to protect Muslim consumers from food or drinks that do not meet halal requirements.

As a businessman, you cannot be careless in choosing an institution to handle your product certification. It’s best to choose one officially accredited by the BPJPH Ministry of Religion, such as Sucofindo. So that the certification issued is valid and your merchandise is truly registered as a halal product.

Sucofindo provides food and beverage halal certification services with halal auditors who have been declared competent to obtain certification in their field. So that the audit process to obtain halal certification is also guaranteed. You can get Halal logo certification services by contacting the service contact here!

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