Pest Control

Pest Control Elucidation

Pest control is a service that is needed by various industries for personal physical infrastructure and consumer services. This service meets the phytosanitary requirements of the export destination country and reduces the risk of loss of value for commodities stored in warehouses or silos.Suppressing the population of vector-borne pests will also reduce the risk of certain diseases and losses due to damage from rodent bites and help maintain the quality of sanitation in hotels, restaurants, offices, and residential areas.

Pest Control Service Scope

In practice, general pest management is carried out by eradicating and controlling toxic chemicals. PT SUCOFINDO’s scope of services includes:


Fumigation is a treatment using fumigant gas at a specific temperature and pressure, which is effective against various types of pests and can be carried out quickly for multiple objects or commodities.

Fumigation Benefits

  • Reducing the risk of decreasing the value of commodities stored in warehouses, containers, ship cargo, or silos due to pest activity so that you can have a more extended storage period.
  • Complete the phytosanitary provisions of export destination countries. Exporters will receive a fumigation certificate as proof that the consignment has received pest eradication treatment.
  • Fumigation of transportation equipment (planes, trains, buses, ships) will protect against destructive pests.

General Pest Control

Application of environmental pest control in an integrated manner with various control methods that are compatible and safe for humans and the environment

Benefits of General Pest Control

  • Know the type, habitat, and attack of pests
  • Selection of appropriate control methods
  • Reducing annoying pest populations
  • Preventing spikes in pest populations
  • Creating a healthy and comfortable environment

Termite Control

Treatment to protect buildings or houses and or furniture from termite attack

Termite Control type

  • Soil treatment (injection, spraying, baiting)
  • Wood treatment (spraying, brushing, deepening)
  • Scope of Implementation of Termite Control
  • Pre Construction (office buildings, warehouses, housing, airports)
  • Post Construction (housing, offices)

Disadvantages of Termites in Buildings

  • Damaging buildings
  • Damages wood and furniture containing cellulose
  • Damaging electrical installations, pipelines/PVC, and can trigger fire

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