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Understanding Definitions and Goals Stockpile Coal

For various industries that use coal, of course there are various things that need to be considered carefully, including storage. Therefore, it is important to understand about stockpile coal and management.

This term may no longer be foreign to some people, especially those involved in the industrial worldbaru bara. However, for some others, this may be the first time they have heard of the term. To understand it further, read the explanation in this article!

Get to Know What It Is Stockpile Coal

Stockpile can be interpreted as a storage place, in this case specifically for storing coal. After experiencing various transportation processes, either from the mining area or from the distributor, a place is needed to store the mining products.

With good storage and management, quality will increasebaru bara it can be more maintained. However, apart from storage, of course good management is needed so that the coal is maintained. This is what needs to be considered for every related industrycoal.

Management Objectives Stockpile Coal

Besidesstockpile or adequate storage space, coal also requires good management when stored for a certain period of time. Therefore, management is neededstockpile. The following are various important objectives of this management.

1. Maintaining Coal Quality

Each coal product may have different qualities, so when managing and storing it you need to pay attention to this. Later, this can also affect the management costs of the productcoal the.

There is managementstockpile Good ones can help in maintaining product quality and characteristics. That way, the coal that will be used will remain of the best quality, so that its use can take place optimally.

If the coal will later be sold to other parties, then this quality is also important to pay attention to. This is important to maintain consumer trust, so that the industry can run better.

2. Prevent Self-Burning

Self-burning is a process or phenomenon when coal products can burn by themselves. Self-burning can occur instockpile when a group of coal has been stored for a long enough period of time.

The oxidation process occurs instockpile This can occur because an oxidation reaction occurs and the surrounding temperature becomes higher. With good management, this can be prevented, so that various security and safety risks can be minimized.

3. Adapt to market demand

With a good storage system and management, it will also be easier for you to load and remove coal according to market needs and demand.

4. Steps to Protect the Surrounding Environment

Implementing good management has various benefits, not only for the company, but also for the surrounding environment.

Having an orderly storage area with good management can prevent the environment around the location from being exposed to pollutants. Please note that coal can cause pollutants and can have a negative impact on the environment and surrounding ecosystem.

This also applies to people living around the area, because pollutants from coal can have negative effects on human health. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to managementstockpile, so as not to cause losses for many parties.

Things to Pay Attention to in Stockpile Coal

Next, there are various things that need to be consideredstockpile, so that coal can be stored safely and its quality is maintained.

1. Monitoring Quantity (Inventory)

As long as it’s stored instockpile, then it needs to be donemonitoring periodically regarding the quantity or amount. Make sure it is in the correct amount, so that the subsequent utilization or distribution process is not disrupted!

2. FIFO (First In First Out)

The second important thing is to implement a FIFO (First In First Out) system in coal stockpile management. This means that the first coal put into the stockpiling location must also be the first to be taken out. This system helps reduce the risk of oxidation, self-heating and spontaneous combustion, which can occur due to the interaction of coal with air over time. However, implementing this system can be difficult if the stored coal has deteriorated in quality. Therefore, maintaining the good quality of stored coal products is very important.

3. Monitoring Effectiveness Dozing Stockpile Coal

Next, it is also important to domonitoring on the effectiveness of dozingstockpile. This surveillance process needs to be done periodically so that everything remains well awake.

4. Monitoring Quality Coal

Quality of coal of course need to be important attention, somonitoring It also needs to be done periodically to ensure quality.

5. Housekeeping and Contamination Inspection

For various mining and mineral products, contamination is something that needs to be anticipated, because it can cause a decrease in the quality of stored coal products.

Therefore, from the distribution process to entrycoal thestockpile, needs to be monitored carefully. Furthermore, when storing it, don’t forget to carry out proper supervision.

6. Handling Environmental Factors

Furthermore, various environmental factors also need to be carefully considered, so that the various ecosystems around the storage area are maintained.

During landfill, coal can produce liquid waste which can become suspended if it comes into contact with rainwater. As a result, it can cause accumulation of acidic water and can have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

Therefore, environmental controls also need to be implemented when you store coal.

Stockpile Coal in Coal Inspection

Inspection and analysis of mining products needs to be carried out to guarantee their quality, including coal mining products. This inspection generally means activities to examine samplescoal, then perform further testing and analysis.

This activity is quite commonly carried out by coal traders or buyers, in order to ensure the quality of the product. Without special testing and analysis, generally they will find it difficult to assess.

To be able to maintain qualitycoal, then management is neededstockpile good, and pay attention to various things related to storage. Returning to the initial explanation, place and storage managementbaru bara is an important matter that cannot be ignored.

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