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Mining Feasibility Study: Process and Benefits

When you are involved in a mining project, it is a good idea for you to understand various information related to this matter. For example, the importance of understanding mine feasibility studies.

Actually, what is meant by a mine feasibility study? Read this article completely to understand it better and be better prepared to carry out various mining projects. Also get to know the various general processes, benefits, and reasons why it is important to carry out this feasibility study.

Get to know Mining Feasibility Studies

Mining feasibility study or mining is a series of studies that determine whether a mining project can be mined and is beneficial from an economic aspect.

In other words, it is important to determine a mining project from the aspects of technical and economic feasibility.

Apart from that, the mine feasibility study can be a reference regarding the risks of environmental impacts that can be caused by the mining process as well as things that need to be done post-mining. Feasibility studies also need to examine various other related aspects, for example cultural, social and legal aspects,

Therefore, this study can help various parties to obtain information about project construction and engineering, drilling strategies and various other field processes, as well as the overall financial strategy designed by this project.

General Process in Mining Feasibility Studies

In general, there are several important processes in a mining feasibility study. With the right steps and analysis, you can draw conclusions about the mining project’s future plans, including its various financial and investment prospects.

1. Data and Information Collection

The first thing that needs to be done is to collect various types of data and information. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive survey and prepare an exploration report.

This data needs to support an understanding of available mineral resources, their quality and distribution. This will be an important reference for mining project plans. With this data, you can proceed to the analysis process.

2. Geology and Mineral Resources Analysis

This analysis process involves various things related to these mineral resources. It is necessary to ensure quantity, quality and various other supporting aspects, so that it can be concluded that the mining project is worthy of further planning.

3. Mining Engineering Analysis

Next, there is a technical analysis process which is also an important stage mining project. It is necessary to carry out an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the feasibility, capabilities and opportunities of this area.

This stage also involves various analyzes regarding the application of techniques or technology in the mining process later. Then, we also look for the most suitable method for mining, so that we can get optimal results.

4. Environmental Analysis

Environmental analysis is important to assess the suitability of the area to become a mining project. This analysis can include various physical conditions of the area, for example the condition of the soil, water, minerals and energy present.

Other natural elements such as surrounding plants and animals should also be taken into consideration, because they can be closely related to future mining processes and techniques.

Apart from that, mining projects will generally be linked to environmental aspects and the surrounding ecosystem. Therefore, environmental analysis is also needed related to mitigating the risk of impacts that can result from the mining process.

AMDAL or environmental impact analysis needs to be a concern, because a mining area can have a huge impact on the surrounding environment and ecosystem. An in-depth analysis of this mitigation is required, according to the project’s environmental conditions.

5. Economic and Financial Analysis

The next important feasibility study is in terms of economic and financial analysis. This can include various final decisions, whether this project can be continued or whether it is still considered less feasible.

A variety of detailed information is needed to consider this. For example, information regarding the potential feasibility of the area, its economic value, as well as financial plans to carry out the project to completion.

The financial plan here includes production, consumption, distribution and various other related costs.

Benefits of Having a Mining Feasibility Study

This study was certainly not carried out without reason, because there are various benefits that can be obtained, some of which are as follows:

1. Generate Mining Data Information

As previously explained, this study will make various analyzes that are needed before starting a mining project. This also concerns mining data, for example analysis of mining areas, geology and resources, suitable techniques for mining.

With this data information, you can make more mature and detailed plans.

2. Mining Focus Level

The next benefit is that it can increase mining focus, because various potentials related to this area are known. With the data and analysis results that have been created, the mining focus can be more visible. Of course, this can be very useful for future project implementation.

3. Level of Investment Opportunities

The next benefit which is no less important is related to increasing investment opportunities. For most business or mining project owners, investment targets are an important thing that needs to be thought through carefully.

Having a feasibility study can enable business or project owners to confirm various mining details, including analysis of related aspects. You can explain the reasonable probability of success of the mining project that will be carried out.

Clear and detailed information can make it easier for you to invite cooperation with various parties who will become potential investors. That way, you can secure the funding needed to complete the project as well as the things that need to be done post-mining.

The Importance of Mining Feasibility Studies

In accordance with the previous explanations, you may have already imagined what kind of feasibility study needs to be carried out in the world of mining. It turns out, this study has various types of important benefits for the mining industry, including various opportunities that can be optimized.

By carrying out thorough studies and preparations, you can also reduce various operational, financial risks and matters related to investors in mining projects. In general, the following are several important objectives of this feasibility study:

  • To prove in a structured manner that the project to be carried out can take place and provide economic benefits.
  • Can be used as reference information when designing and building various media for mining operations.
  • Can help in providing various information needed by potential investors or financiers, so that fundraising will be easier. This information can contain various plans, descriptions and project targets.

Therefore, this feasibility study cannot be ignored for every mining business or project owner. If you still find it difficult to plan the project, it would be a good idea for you to carry out mining consultations with experts.

To assist various processes in mine feasibility studies, mineral mining and infrastructure consulting services from Sucofindo could be the right choice. By consulting with experts, you can develop the best strategy for your mining project, get optimal results, and still pay attention to various surrounding aspects by contacting us.

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