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Fiscal Metering vs Custody Transfer – How is it Different?

For those of you who are familiar with various terms in the world of industry and production, you probably already know about fiscal metering and custody transfer. However, do you really know what the differences are between these two things? If not, this article will provide a more complete answer,

Then, for those who still feel unfamiliar with these two things, make sure to read this article to the end. This will be more important if you are an actor in the world of production and industry.

What’s that Fiscal Metering?

First, it will be discussed first about fiscal metering. This is one of the instruments that has been integrated and used in terms of fluid measurements. Fluid products included in this case include natural fluids in gas and liquid form oil.

This instrument is important because it is used in product transactions between sellers and buyers, and can affect the quality of the product. It means, fiscal metering This can have an impact on calculating the quantity and quality of the products to be sold.

1. Common Problems and Anticipation

In general, problems that often occur in the metering system, namely errors or inconsistencies when reading the measuring instruments used for a product. Errors in this measurement really need to be anticipated, because they can cause various disputes between buyers and sellers.

To be able to anticipate this, the seller needs to use a metering system with a high level of accuracy and in accordance with established measurement standards. That way, product measurements can be carried out precisely and without harm to both parties.

This level of accuracy needs to be carefully considered, because it can affect the quality and service quality of various types of fluid products.

2. Need Calibration

Metering system It also needs to be calibrated, so that it is safe to use properly, and in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.

Furthermore, various other components are also involved and need to be taken into account in this measurement, ed control valve, ball valve, strainer, pulse transmitter, as well as flow computer.

3. Integrated Instruments

It is also included in one of the instruments that has been integrated in various ways, for example for filling fuel products for ships and tank vehicles, both fuel products and other types of non-fuel products.

By utilizing this instrument properly, various calculations can be carried out precisely and safely.

What’s that Custody Transfer?

The handover process of various oil and gas products is a fairly large activity and involves various related parties. Products that can be traded in this case include gas, petroproduct, crude oil, and petrochemicals.

This process is also called custody transfer, which is carried out by transactions or moving products from one location to another.

1. Requires Accurate Calculations

Because it has various risks, this process needs to be carried out with precise calculations, so that sales and purchases have definite measuring points and quality.

There are also various other areas that need to be considered, for example measurement, product quality, monitoring, and an accurate and accountable reporting system.

Therefore, before the process custody transfer To do this, the volume and mass of a product to be sold will first be calculated. Then, the quality of the product must be guaranteed until the product is accepted by the buyer and can be used for their various needs.

The accuracy of the volume and its components needs to be an important concern in this transaction process, so it is necessary to involve various parties who are related and responsible in this matter.

2. Pay attention to security

Apart from being related to the level of accuracy, this transaction process also needs to consider and pay attention to security aspects. There are various security risks that may occur, so these must be minimized optimally.

Standards regarding oil and gas transfers need to be considered and implemented, so that all transaction products can be given to buyers in safe conditions for use. Apart from that, security around the transaction location also needs to be considered, including the safety of the workers involved in it.

If you look at the explanations in this and the previous sections, then you may already be able to assess the differences between the two things that were mentioned at the start. In simple terms, it can be concluded that fiscal metering is an integrated instrument for measuring fluids, including oil and gas products.

Measurement is an important thing that needs to be paid attention to, so the measuring instrument needs to be ensured that it complies with applicable regulations and standards.

Furthermore, custody transfer can be interpreted as a handover in the process of buying and selling oil and gas products. In this process, there are various things that need to be considered, so that no losses are incurred as a result of the transaction.

Basically, these two things need to be known by actors in buying and selling oil and gas products, so that all processes can run smoothly.

Surveyor’s role in Custody Transfer

As per the previous explanation, there are various parties involved in this buying and selling process, because it is a large scale transaction. These parties include the owner of the product storage area, the bank involved in the transaction, and the surveyor who has various important roles.

1. What is meant by a surveyor?

The surveyor in this case is an independent party who will play a role in ensuring that the process is carried out correctly. The surveyor will be the principal’s representative who will pay attention to contracts, applicable regulations and standards, as well as various field activities that are seen in real time.real-time.

2. The Important Role of Surveyors in the Oil and Gas Transaction Process

This role is important and needs to be prepared carefully, because this transaction can have various types of risks or unexpected situations. For example, during the transaction process there may be:

  1. Differences in terms of volume or number of goods traded
  2. Differences in product quality from the contract promise
  3. Product contamination
  4. A planned act of theft

Because during this process there is generally no direct meeting between the seller and the buyer, various risks may occur. Surveyors are tasked with anticipating bad possibilities or complex problems that might occur.

In this case, Sucofindo can be a professional surveyor to assist with this transaction process. With experienced and certified personnel, as well as management and certified laboratory facilities, Sucofindo can be a surveyor in the oil and gas product handover process for your company.

Apart from that, to anticipate various problems that often arise when processing oil and gas product transactions, there are services available for your company, namely as follows:

  1. Survey iso tank
  2. Ship-to-ship surveyorship to ship
  3. Survey for the loading process or landing
  4. Survey for the unloading process or unload
  5. Bunker survey
  6. Test the quality of oil and gas products
  7. Survey of land pipelines
  8. Tank cleanliness inspection

There are 80 service points spread across various regions in the country, so you can collaborate easily for various transaction needs. You can choose the type of service according to your transaction or company needs.

Therefore, for various processes calibration custody transfer, surveyor of Sucofindo could be the right choice. Various types of services can also support your company or industry. For more information, visit our contact page here!

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