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The Acting Governor Inaugurated SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch, Strengthening the Economic Development of Southeast Sulawesi

Kendari (21/5) – The Acting Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, Andap Budhi Revianto, inaugurated PT SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch. With the presence of PT SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch, the Acting Governor of Southeast Sulawesi hopes to support Southeast Sulawesi’s economic development and make it a part of Golden Indonesia 2045, through Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) services.

“Southeast Sulawesi’s main potential is in the fields of mining, agriculture, plantations, fisheries, tourism and many more. “Therefore, PT SUCOFINDO’s role is needed to help increase the competitiveness of business actors in the Kendari area, and improve the economy of the Southeast Sulawesi Provincial Government for the welfare of the community,” said the Acting Governor of Southeast Sulawesi, Andap Budhi Revianto.

Apart from that, Andap Budhi Revianto hopes that PT SUCOFINDO can open up as much as possible for employment and open up opportunities for people with disabilities from the sons and daughters of Southeast Sulawesi.

The President Director of PT SUCOFINDO, Jobi Triananda, said that PT SUCOFINDO is ready to fully support Southeast Sulawesi, and Kendari City in particular, to create a competitive region through Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) services, which are supported by HR (Human Resources) from young people of Southeast Sulawesi.

The TIC services of PT SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch, such as mining, especially nickel and other mining materials; Halal Certification; Domestic Component Level Certification (TKDN); Environmental Impact Analysis Consultancy (AMDAL), inspection services, testing and other environmental services, Green Industry and carbon credits (in accordance with SUCOFINDO’s role as an accredited Validation and Verification Institution (LVV) for the Greenhouse Gas (GHK) and the Economic Value of Carbon (NEK), and other Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) services that support environmental sustainability.

“Apart from that, PT SUCOFINDO can serve the government sector for public services. Through this TIC service, SUCOFINDO provides guarantees to business actors and local governments in maintaining quality, by paying attention to safety, health, security, and environmental sustainability. “And we hope that our services can support Regional Original Income and tax revenues,” said Jobi Triananda.

The Head of PT SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch, Deddy Sarmanto, added that currently the Kendari Branch is equipped with 1 (one) Morowali service office. “Not only focusing on mining services, SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch and the Morowali Service Office can optimize it through environmental laboratory services, and this is the only environmental laboratory in Kendari,” said Deddy Sarmanto.

Apart from that, SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch can provide quality testing services, infrastructure inspections, ISO Series, proper support services, training, and technology development, such as SPARING (Waste content monitoring system that will be discharged into the river using sensors), CEMS (Air waste content monitoring system using sensors), ONLIMO (River monitoring system using sensors). “In the future, we are ready to help support Southeast Sulawesi broadly through other services to jointly realize a Golden Indonesia 2045,” concluded the Head of PT SUCOFINDO Kendari Branch, Deddy Sarmanto.


PT SUCOFINDO is the first inspection company in Indonesia and was founded on October 22, 1956. PT SUCOFINDO is currently incorporated as a holding part of BUMN Survey Services or ID Survey. PT SUCOFINDO has Testing, Inspection, and Certification services for various industrial sectors.

SUCOFINDO’s business started with inspection and supervision services in the trade sector to assist the government in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and safeguarding the country’s foreign exchange. Then SUCOFINDO diversified its services in the fields of analytical laboratories, engineering, auditing, certification, assessment, consulting, training, and various related supporting activities, including in the areas of agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, mining, construction, processing industry, marine, fishery, transportation, new and renewable energy, and information technology.

SUCOFINDO has 80 service points spread throughout Indonesia, managed in an integrated manner and supported by experts in various fields. An extensive network of 65 laboratories provides close service to customers throughout Indonesia. —–

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