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IDSurvey Collaboration Expanded International Standard Certification Services (Testing, Survey/Inspection, and Certification)

Cibitung, 25/04 – The collaboration of IDSurvey, involving three entities: PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) as the lead of IDSurvey Holding, PT SUCOFINDO, and PT Surveyor Indonesia, expanded international standard laboratory testing services, thereby capable of serving both domestic and global needs. It was also conveyed by the Deputy Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (Deputy Minister of BUMN), Kartiko Wirjoatmojo, during a visit to one of IDSurvey’s central laboratory facilities owned by PT SUCOFINDO in Cibitung.

The Deputy Minister of BUMN conveyed, “The public needs to increase awareness of the use or consumption of products that adhere to the Indonesian National Standards (SNI) for consumer safety and security. Therefore, we appreciate IDSurvey for playing a role in ensuring standards and maintaining product compliance with SNI through its testing, survey, and certification services.”

Overall, IDSurvey has 95 laboratory points distributed across Indonesia with capabilities in various fields such as Engineering Testing, Minerals and Coal, Chemicals – Food, and others. Arisudono Soerono, the President Director of PT Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (Persero) and Chairman of IDSurvey Holding stated, “The IDSurvey Testing Laboratory is currently accredited to ISO 17025 and as Inspection Bodies accredited with ISO 17020, supported by internationally standardized equipment and resources. We are committed to continually developing the capabilities and capacities of our laboratories as a joint effort to support businesses and serve as strategic partners for state-owned enterprises, private sectors, and the government.”

The President Director of PT SUCOFINDO, Jobi Triananda, stated that their laboratories are capable of conducting halal testing, chemical testing, oil and gas testing, mineral and coal testing, environmental testing, calibration, and engineering testing. Furthermore, we are currently expanding the capacity and capabilities of testing laboratories to support regulations aimed at reducing emissions. “We are currently developing services for health and life sciences testing, testing to support the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, biomass, environment, and new and renewable energy. This development is also in line with the commitment of IDSurvey to meeting the highest standards for certification services, as well as supporting the government’s efforts to realize Net Zero Emissions (NZE),” said Jobi Triananda.

As part of efforts to achieve NZE, PT Surveyor Indonesia (SI) is enhancing its testing services for the plantation and agricultural sectors through a traceability platform. “The Traceability Platform with a Business to Business (B to B) scheme, in its development, will involve SI conducting testing in collaboration with rubber, palm oil, and other commodity companies. Additionally, in the future, we will pilot access to the National Dashboard platform to test and strengthen crucial tracing system aspects and features important for independent farmers and other commodity industry stakeholders,” said Sandry Pasambuna, President Director of PT Surveyor Indonesia.

Furthermore, IDSurvey, as a state-owned survey service provider, is optimistic about consistently supporting consumer protection efforts through assurance activities, including testing and certification according to Indonesian National Standards (SNI) for various consumer products. Looking ahead, IDSurvey aims to support businesses in environmental sustainability efforts and carbon emissions reduction. “We are ready to serve as a strategic partner for the government, state-owned enterprises, and private sectors, to consistently maintain quality and adaptively meet business needs through IDSurvey’s services,” concluded Arisudono.


PT SUCOFINDO is the first inspection company in Indonesia and was founded on October 22, 1956. PT SUCOFINDO is currently incorporated as a holding part of BUMN Survey Services or ID Survey. PT SUCOFINDO has Testing, Inspection, and Certification services for various industrial sectors.

SUCOFINDO’s business started with inspection and supervision services in the trade sector to assist the government in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and safeguarding the country’s foreign exchange. Then SUCOFINDO diversified its services in the fields of analytical laboratories, engineering, auditing, certification, assessment, consulting, training, and various related supporting activities, including in the areas of agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, mining, construction, processing industry, marine, fishery, transportation, new and renewable energy, and information technology.

SUCOFINDO has 80 service points spread throughout Indonesia, managed in an integrated manner and supported by experts in various fields. An extensive network of 65 laboratories provides close service to customers throughout Indonesia. —–

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