Fumigation, General Pest Control & Termite Control? Here’s the Difference!

Fumigation, General Pest Control & Termite Control? Here’s the Difference!

Pests can cause particular problems in reducing the quality or quantity of commodities. Usually, we can find it in the process of storing goods in warehouses or during travel. Sometimes business actors will experience significant losses due to termite attacks or the spread of disease from unwanted pests.

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There are 3 (three) pest control techniques with their respective functions and benefits. Here are what they mean:

  • Fumigation

Using fumigant gas or fumigation at certain temperatures and pressures in an adequate tight room effectively eradicates pests on various commodities for maintenance and pre-shipment (export) purposes.

The purpose of this technique is to prevent deterioration in the quality/quantity of commodities during storage in warehouses or during transportation. We can feel several benefits with this technique, namely reducing the risk of commodity value milk being stored due to pest activity, meeting the destination country’s phytosanitary requirements (export certification), and protecting transportation equipment from destructive pests.

  • General Pest Control

It integrates pest control techniques to suppress the population of environmental pests that spread disease to a safe threshold to create a healthy, hygienic, and aesthetic environment.

The purpose of General Pest Control is to prevent the spread of disease in order to improve human health and the environment. The benefits of this technique are reducing disturbing pest populations, preventing pest population spikes, and creating a healthy and comfortable environment.

  • Termite Control

In this technique, termite-repellent chemicals (termiticides) and termite baits are used to protect homes, buildings, and other essential investments from termite attacks both at the pre-construction and post-construction stages.

The purpose of applying this technique is to protect investments such as factories, warehouses, houses, offices, transportation equipment, and other properties. Termite Control can safeguard assets and prevent losses to buildings and their contents due to termite attacks.

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SUCOFINDO is here to assist you in controlling pests with the 3 (three) techniques above according to your needs. Why SUCOFINDO? Of course, because we have experience since 1970 and have become a professional company in the field of pest control.

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