Rock, Concrete, and Soil Product Testing

Rock, Concrete, and Soil Product Testing Elucidation

Indonesia’s mining and civil construction industries have increased over the last two decades. Many mining infrastructures and infrastructure projects have demanded credible and objective geomechanical testing in Indonesia.

Geomechanics is the application of engineering and geological principles to soil or rock and groundwater and the wide application of these principles in civil, offshore, and environmental engineering (Australian Geomechanics Society). At the same time, the term Rock Mechanics is used for all studies related to rock behavior and mechanics and rock mass and its application to understanding geological processes in engineering (ISRM 2010). Rock Mechanics is part of the subject of Geomechanics (Brady and Brown 2004).

Rock, Concrete, and Soil Product Testing Service Scope

Rock, concrete, and soil product testing services can add value to the scope of services. In this process, PT SUCOFINDO’s service scope involves testing rock’s physical and mechanical properties and constructing raw materials and concrete.

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Rock, Concrete, and Soil Product Testing