Coal Bed Methane Analysis

Coal Bed Methane Analysis Elucidation

Indonesia, as a country that has the 6th largest Coal Bead Methane (CBM) reserves in the world, is a country that has only utilized CBM at around 3% of its existing reserves. Indonesia’s estimated CBM reserves are 450 TCFT (Trillion Cubic Feet)

CBM testing services are very necessary in the exploration stage because the quality data from Methane gas measurements will determine whether or not the CM mine is suitable for exploitation (production).

Coal Bed Methane Service Scope

SUCOFINDO supports Coal Bead Methane exploration activities by providing exploration results testing services by setting up laboratories both at mine sites and in our branch offices closest to mine sites spread throughout Indonesia. Our laboratory implements a reliable management system, is equipped with the latest equipment and is supported by experienced experts.


  1. Data on quality aspects and other required parameters.
  2. Obtain conclusions on the composition of parameters/elements contained in samples of exploration products which can be used as data to decide whether the mine is worth mining or not.
  3. Reducing business risks in exploration activities, investment and the coal bead methane mining industry thanks to carrying out the entire process by complying with norms, ethics and standards.

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Coal Bed Methane
Coal Bed Methane Analysis