Way of work Flow Meter in Custody Transfer

In mining,flow meter is a measuring tool that is familiar to use during the process custody transfer walk. Oil and gas products such as crude oil and petrochemicals will be moved from one place to another using one point as a calculation reference.

Flow meter helps ensure that the quantity of products traded is accurate. Because, if there is even a small error in the size of the product being transferred, the company will experience losses of up to millions of dollars within one year.

So what?flow meter working on its use during the handover process of oil and gas products? Let’s take a peek at the following discussion!

What’s that Flow Meter?

Flow meter is an instrument used to measure and determine the flow of materials such as fluid, air, and even traps.Flow meter measuring the flow rate and flow volume in a certain period. So,the flow meter works as the name suggests, namely as a flow measuring device.

Usage Flow meter In everyday life, it is often found in household industries, transportation, and even the mining industry. Many types flow meter which you can differentiate based on brand, size, type of fluid, and even fuel.

Each type flow meter Its use adapts to the needs and capacity requirements of an industry that uses it.

Role Flow Meter  in Custody Transfer

When the oil and gas product handover process takes place, the existence of flow meter crucial because it can be a parameter in increasing the efficiency of the process.Flow meter will provide the following roles in the oil and gas product handover process:

1. Know the parameters for managing electronic circuits

Flow meter can be used to measure electrical flow during the transfer process of oil and gas products. The parameter can be a flow rate or flow speed whose data is expressed in the form of numbers.

Then, this data will become a reference in managing how to produce electrical currents or signals as input for controlling other electronic circuits.

2. Know the size of the flow in the material

Custody transfer, flow meter will be used to measure the amount of flow displaced. Starting from gas, petrol, to diesel,flow meters will know the length and size of the material when it is flowing.

So, the accuracy of the flow can be measured according to needs because there is data obtained.

3. Determine the level of effectiveness and efficiency

Flow meter It also produces measurements that can be used as a basis when you want to adjust, or adjust, the size or size of a flow. Thus, these adjustments help the transfer process be more efficient when needed by the industry.

For example, companies that push oil through pipelines want to know exactly how much of the oil being transported is involved.Flow meter helps to find out this through precise and effective flow measurements.

4. Measure and Save Production Costs

Process Custody transfer You must also have a predetermined budget to support the transfer process running smoothly according to plan.Flow meter will help companies calculate production costs from available power consumption data.

Then, the company can then determine things such as the amount of production costs that must be incurred, costs that need to be cut, and costs that need to be maintained.Flow meters will help by presenting large data on product flow measures.

5. Anticipate machine damage

Components in the oil and gas product handover process, such as pipes, pumps and compressors, are components that are directly involved with the flow. If the capacity is not paid attention to, the component is susceptible to damage and this will affect its performance.

Flow meter will measure the amount of flow so that it can anticipate and minimize damage from flow control. Analysis results flow meter You can also use it as a reference for carrying out regular maintenance. So, the machine can last longer to use.

Way of work Flow Meter  in the process Custody Transfer

Flow meters have different ways of working depending on the type used in the transfer of oil and gas products. Generally, factors such as flow speed, pressure differences, room volume, and temperature changes.

Besides that,flow meter have different mounting systems. There is a way insert-in, clamp-on, untilinline. When the way insert-in, then the pipe channel must be perforated. Then, how clamp-on namely gluing flow meter on the outside of the pipe. Meanwhile, method inline is by cutting the pipe channel.

Adjust to your needs custody transfer so you can choose flow meter with a suitable working method and installation system. Consider things such as the budget, field conditions, and whether the installation position is horizontal or vertical.

Based on the type, there are ways of working flow meter which can be used in the transfer process of oil and gas products. The following is a brief explanation:

1. Positive Displacement Flow Meter

This type is the only one flow meter which measures directly the volume of flow. Fluid will flow in the room with a volume according to the design, then be moved to another room due to the rotation of the room caused by fluid pressure.

This room functions to calculate the volume of fluid flowing inflow meter. Rotation on components flow meter This type will maintain the stability of the room in a measurable manner, making it suitable for lubricating oil products.

This lubricant is needed because it can maintain flow meter from the risk of wear from friction required for consistent accurate results. In addition, a homogeneous and clean fluid will prevent components flow meter from the risk of round jams.

2. Velocity Flow Meter

Technique on flow meter This way of working is to measure the flow velocity which has been calculated using the cross-sectional area of ​​the flow path to produce a flow rate.

Laminar flow characteristics are suitable for this type. The liquid must be solid and completely fill the space in the pipe. Then, to read the results flow meter This is generally through sensors that produce signals adjusting to the use of technology which are then transmitted to converter or transmitter

So,converter This will display the calculations flow rate along with other results such as data and flows.

3. Mass Flow Meter

Before application flow meter In this type, mass calculations often use output flow meter densimeter and volumetric. For Density measurement directly or using output from pressure and flow temperature.

Meanwhile, volumetric mass flow measurements are not very accurate. As for how it works mass flow meter is counting fluid mass which performs dynamic movements more efficiently and accurately. Oil and gas products such as natural gas are suitable for metering mass flow with flow meter this type.

That’s how it works flow meter custody transfer which adjusts its type. Usage Flow meter This is an effort to maximize the process of transferring oil and gas products during buying and selling to be more efficient and avoid risks such as differences in product volume.

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