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Good Manufacturing Practices? Know the Scope of GMP

GMP Provides High Food Quality Assurance

GMP or Good Manufacturing Practices has an important role in a food industry. The scope of GMP itself is quite broad and this is important for companies to understand. Let’s get to know what GMP really is and what is the scope of its application.

What is GMP?

GMP is a working guideline that will explain what the food production process looks like. The process in question must be able to produce food that is safe, of good quality, and of course suitable for consumption by the public.

In a GMP there are various types of explanations regarding general processing procedures for handling food ingredients. This GMP has been in force in Indonesia since 1978 through a Decree from the Indonesian Ministry of Health No. 23/MEN.KES/SKJI/1978 regarding Guidelines for Good Food Production Practices or CPMB.

In 1976, Food Law No. 7th 1966. In it there are quality standards for food products complete with production processes that become standards and must be followed by companies. This law shows that guaranteeing quality standards for food products does not only depend on the yield but also on the manufacturing process.

GMP Implementation Scope

There are many GMP scopes that are important to pay attention to. The following are 9 scopes in the GMP implementation system:

1. Processing Environment

The processing environment or can also be referred to as the production location. In this case the environment must be well maintained, clean, and safe. There must be a wind exhaust system that is smooth and free from environmental pollution.

2. Business Buildings and Facilities

The place for processing food products must be properly designed and directed. Better if the building is spacious and equipped with adequate facilities. Starting from air vents, sanitary places, and others.

3. Processing Equipment

The next GMP scope is food product processing equipment. It is highly recommended for companies to use tools that use safe and non-toxic materials. Equipment must also not rust easily and must be easy to clean.

4. Sanitation Facilities

Of course, the sanitation process is needed in food product processing systems. Sanitation facilities must be properly prepared in order to maintain the cleanliness of the environment, food raw materials, and employees.

5. Pest Control System

Next is the pest control system which actually works well if the sanitation facilities are also complete. In addition, the company also needs to prevent the entry of pests. For example by closing the hole or inlet and installing a wire on the ventilation window.

6. Employee Cleanliness

Employee hygiene factors must also be properly regulated and controlled. There are complete regulations regarding employee hygiene including instructions, warnings, as well as prohibitions when working to produce food.

7. Process Control

Food production processes with GMP must have process controls. It includes 3 important stages, namely pre-production control, production process control, and post-production control.

8. Supervision Management

Proceed to supervisory management in food production process. There must be supervision so that deviations that can reduce product quality can be prevented.

9. Recording and Documentation

There are also records and documentation that will record production and expiration dates. Good documentation will help improve the quality assurance of a food product. Product safety is also more guaranteed thanks to an accurate documentation system.

After understanding the scope of GMP, food industry companies must implement it properly. Later this GMP will also be used as evaluation material when the audit is carried out. The audit will be carried out by an experienced external agency such as SUCOFINDO which has been trusted by many companies in Indonesia.

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