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Terms, Validity Period, & Importance of Electrical Installation SLO

SLO Electrical Installation: Building Electrical Control Systems

Electrical installation is an essential element that needs to be considered in various types of buildings. Precise and careful calculations are necessary so that the electrical system in the building can be adequately controlled. Therefore, SLO electrical installations have an essential role in this matter.

Let’s learn more about the SLO, including its benefits, requirements, and validity period. However, before that, let’s look at an explanation about electrical installations first.

Industrial Electrical Installation

An electrical installation can be interpreted as a device that is used in the process of transmitting electrical energy. This energy is channeled from an electricity source to various devices that need electricity to carry out their work.

Although generally there is an electricity supplier for each building, the electricity is only distributed to the buildings. Therefore, there needs to be a proper installation sequence to carry out the function of equipment that requires electrical energy.

Why Need Electrical Installation?

Electrical installation is needed for various industry types so the multiple sectors can run more effectively. The following are different benefits and reasons why electrical installation is essential. Find out more about Why SLOs Are Necessary for Your building!

1. The amount of resources needs to be considered

Generally, a large-capacity company or building requires relatively large electrical resources. These resources are needed for various needs, for example, starting machines or supporting the comfort of residents and workers.

Therefore, proper and optimal electrical installation is needed to supply electrical power according to its needs. That way, various activities can be carried out optimally and safely.

2. To Avoid Electrical Problems

There are various risks from an electrical system that is not regulated correctly; for example, electricity goes down or a drastic reduction in power. This can be a significant obstacle for an industry, especially in the middle of a work process.

Therefore, adequate and optimally functioning electrical installations are needed to minimize this risk. It would be even better if equipped with a generator that can turn on automatically if the electricity in the building is not regular.

3. So you can optimize all tools

In an industry or factory, various types of equipment must be powered by an electrical power source. The energy required tends to be in a large capacity so that all tools have their function optimized.

You can run all the tools for industrial needs with proper and adequate electrical installation. This is also useful for business people to know the importance of having an SLO for an electricity business. 

Apart from that, for various other types of large-capacity buildings, for example, office buildings or shopping centers, this also needs to be a concern because various facilities usually need to be powered by electricity.

4. Create a Centralized Electricity System

Another important thing about electrical installations is creating a centralized electrical system. That way, controlling the various things you need will be easier.

For example, to turn on or turn off various types of production equipment at one time. This can undoubtedly increase work efficiency in an industry but remains safe for the working electrical system.

Checking will also be more straightforward because you don’t need to check directly in various places but only through a room, which is the system’s center.

5. Maintain security

Electrical resources pose security and safety risks, mainly if used at high enough power, such as in various industrial settings.

Various types of accidents may occur related to the use of electricity sources, for example, electric shock or dangerous short circuits.

Well-organized electrical installations can play an essential role in preventing these various risks. Proper installation is generally designed to avoid interaction between electrical sources and workers in an industry, for example, by creating a separate room or box that is safe and closed.

This is important to ensure the safety of workers and the various equipment inside.

The Importance of SLO in Electrical Installations

SLO, an abbreviation for Operation Worthy Certificate, ensures the safety of electrical channels and installations installed in a building.

This certification is essential because it can provide formal recognition regarding manufacturing electrical installations in the industry or building. Electrical installation SLOs can also guarantee compliance with applicable standards and criteria.

SLO is a certification that must be fulfilled by building owners or users, especially types of buildings with large electrical capacities, such as factories or industries.

Various things are considered in this case so that the electrical installation can be installed correctly, carefully, and safely. Before the building is put into operation, the SLO for electrical installation needs to be done first.

Who is Required to Have an SLO?

Of the various types of service providers that are commonly found, several services are required to have an electrical installation SLO, namely as follows:

  1. Power plant.
  2. Power plants that produce electrical power and run businesses.
  3. Electric power transmission, namely services for distributing electric power using a transmission system.
  4. Electric power distribution, namely facilities for distributing electricity from generators to consumers who need the power.
  5. Sales of electric power or buying and selling activities related to electric power.
  6. Buildings or types of buildings that require low, medium, and high capacity electricity voltage. SLO for electrical installations is also a requirement that must be met when processing a Functional Eligibility Certificate or SLF for a building.

After reading the points above, you are asking how to get Operation Worthy Certification (SLO). Find out more in the article and see the requirements and validity period below!

Requirements and Validity Period for SLOs in Building Construction

To be able to apply for an SLO, various conditions need to be prepared, namely as follows:

  1. Have official permits related to the business, indicated by a business permit, location permit, and Business Identification Number (NIB).
  2. Have an operating permit to utilize electrical installations.
  3. There is a precise location for electrical installations.
  4. Have an apparent capacity and type of installation.
  5. Have a clear layout and installation drawings.
  6. Have precise specifications for the leading equipment for carrying out electrical installations
  7. Have clear technical standards and specifications.
  8. One-line diagram.

Furthermore, the validity period for the SLO for electrical installations is in the range of 5 to 10 years, with the following details:

  1. The validity period for this installation for electricity providers is five years.
  2. The validity period is ten years for types of electricity distribution and transmission installations.
  3. For types of electrical power installations for consumer use, which include low voltage (TR), medium voltage (TM), and high voltage (TT), the validity period is 15 years.

Based on various previous explanations, it can be concluded that SLO is essential in electrical installations. This certification can also minimize multiple electrical system risks, such as accidents or losses to the surrounding area.

SLO Service electrical installation from Sucofindo can be a suitable alternative for those who need this certification. The scope of work includes document inspection, visuals, design, cathodic protection, environmental impacts, system testing, and evaluation of commissioning test results. Learn more together. 

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