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SUCOFINDO Realizes Positive Trends in 2022

Bandung (27/2) – PT SUCOFINDO recorded financial performance that grew positively throughout 2022. Both revenue and net profit showed a positive trend. This is based on PT SUCOFINDO’s 2022 Performance Evaluation report, which was presented at the 2023 Rapat Pimpinan Nasional (Rapimnas) in Bandung (24/2). It was recorded that PT SUCOFINDO posted revenue of IDR 2.9 trillion in 2022, up 8.6% year on year. As for net profit, PT SUCOFINDO managed to record IDR 351.5 billion, growing 65.1% year on year.

Assistant Deputy for the Manufacturing Industry of the Ministry of BUMN, Liliek Mayasari expressed her appreciation for PT SUCOFINDO’s performance in 2022. “We hope that PT SUCOFINDO can maintain the trend of performance growth through accelerating the implementation of the 2023 work program and preparing a strategy to accelerate the achievement of the 2024 performance target, considering the contribution of PT SUCOFINDO has a significant impact on IDSurvey performance,” said Liliek Mayasari.

The President Director of PT Bureau of Classification Indonesia (Persero) or Chair of IDSurvey, Arisudono, who was also present said that in order to ensure accelerated growth and competitiveness of IDSurvey, PT SUCOFINDO’s business development needs to be directed at developing services with technological content that provide added value to customers. “This added value needs to be considered in priority sectors including the environmental sector (greenhouse gas validation and verification), manufacturing, infrastructure, food, automotive (development of services for the electric car ecosystem), and life sciences,” Arisudono said.

Furthermore, the President Commissioner of PT SUCOFINDO Veri Anggrijono added that PT SUCOFINDO could take advantage of digital-based TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) services. “Apart from digital opportunities, business development with a sustainability scheme can be an opportunity for PT SUCOFINDO and IDSurvey, especially in developing social and environmental-based services,” said Veri.

President Director of PT SUCOFINDO Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setiyadi continued that PT SUCOFINDO in responding to challenges in 2023 has prepared a strategy based on technology and sustainable services. “SUCOFINDO remains consistent in developing technology services across SUCOFINDO’s business portfolio. This is in line with SUCOFINDO’s goal of becoming a Digital TIC Company,” said Mas Wigrantoro.

In addition, Mas Wigrantoro added that in the implementation of sustainable services and green industry, PT SUCOFINDO is able to serve the role of the Verification and Validation Agency (LVV) for Environmental Information on Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), ESG Verification (Environmental, Social, and Governance) Footprint, Energy Transition Mechanism (ETM) Verification, and Eco Framework Consultant services.

“We are optimistic that we can increase positive performance in 2023. Through the future strategic plan SUCOFINDO will be able to increase productivity, efficiency, added value contribution, competitiveness, and sustainability of the national industry,” said Mas Wigrantoro.

Rapimnas PT SUCOFINDO in 2023 was attended by all heads of Work Units and Service Units spread across Indonesia, both online and offline.

In accordance with Sucofindo’s strategy as a Digital TIC Company, Erwin E. Hoesni as Chair of the 2023 Rapimnas Committee said that PT SUCOFINDO provides digital experience at the 2023 Rapimnas event. “We use technology for attendance applications with the MySucofindo application, event material guides through the Sucofindo Event Application, as well as registration process through automatic walk-in check-in, using Radio Frequency Identification tagging technology on participant cards. We want through the digital experience that we have provided, to be able to increase the convenience of participants in terms of administration,” said Erwin.



PT SUCOFINDO is the first inspection company in Indonesia and was founded on October 22, 1956. PT SUCOFINDO is currently incorporated as a holding part of BUMN Survey Services or ID Survey with PT BureauClassification of Indonesia (Persero) as the holding company, and PT Surveyor Indonesia.

SUCOFINDO’s business started with inspection and supervision services in the trade sector to assist the government in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and safeguarding the country’s foreign exchange. Then SUCOFINDO diversified its services in the fields of analytical laboratories, engineering, auditing, certification, assessment, consulting, training, and various related supporting activities, including in the fields of agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, mining, construction, processing industry, marine, fishery, transportation, new and renewable energy, and information technology. SUCOFINDO has 66 service points spread throughout Indonesia, managed in an integrated manner, and supported by experts in various fields. An extensive network of 75 laboratories provides close service to customers throughout Indonesia.


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