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SUCOFINDO Collaborates with BSI and KBUMN, Supports Sharia Economic Literacy

Jakarta, (17/2) – PT SUCOFINDO together with BSI, through BSI Maslahat, MES (Sharia Economic Society), and Wednesday Hijrah, and KBUMN are collaborating in supporting Islamic economic literacy through the Muda Sharing program, with the agenda one of which is Sharia Economic literacy. Independent Commissioner of Bank Syariah Indonesia Arief Rosyid said that fulfilling an understanding of the Islamic economy is in line with the potential for the development of the Islamic economy and finance.

“Sharia economic literacy in Indonesia is still a concern to continue to optimize. Therefore, studies (sharia economic literacy) like this must be expanded and reproduced within the Ministry of SOEs, so that it is hoped that Indonesia can become an example and the mecca of the world,” said Arief Rosyid Independent Commissioner of Bank Syariah Indonesia when giving a speech at the last series of studies at Masjid Al -Judge at PT SUCOFINDO, Wednesday (08/02/2023).

Furthermore, the Director of Finance and Risk Management of PT SUCOFINDO, Budi Hartanto also appreciated and supported Islamic economic literacy activities. “We hope that programs and activities like this can continue and have an impact on the revival of the Islamic economy in Indonesia. Therefore, hopefully, what is obtained in this activity can be implemented by young SOE personnel, especially PT SUCOFINDO,” said Budi Hartanto.

Wednesday Hijrah Chairman Phirman Rezha said that the implementation of Islamic Economic literacy cannot be separated from the role of young professionals in the BUMN environment. “This activity cannot be separated from the role of young professionals in the BUMN environment and also several elements that have supported and participated in the smooth running of this Islamic economic literacy study. We see enthusiasm and support from all parties, it is hoped that the revival of the people’s economy can be realized, and Indonesia can become the mecca of the world’s sharia economy,” said Phirman.

In line with Phirman, Hanny Alghaniawati, Sharia Economic Ambassador for PT SUCOFINDO said that the role of Young SOEs is being able to become a pioneer of global economic progress. “As a young SOE, we are capable of pioneering global economic progress. Therefore, we are very enthusiastic about participating in this activity, hopefully, what is our common goal can be achieved and we will continue to expand this activity so that it can provide benefits for the economic revival of the people,” said Hanny.


PT SUCOFINDO is the first inspection company in Indonesia and was founded on October 22, 1956. PT SUCOFINDO is currently incorporated as a holding part of BUMN Survey Services or ID Survey with PT BureauClassification of Indonesia (Persero) as the holding company, and PT Surveyor Indonesia.

SUCOFINDO’s business started with inspection and supervision services in the trade sector to assist the government in ensuring the smooth flow of goods and safeguarding the country’s foreign exchange. Then SUCOFINDO diversified its services in the fields of analytical laboratories, engineering, auditing, certification, assessment, consulting, training, and various related supporting activities, including in the fields of agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, mining, construction, processing industry, marine, fishery, transportation, new and renewable energy, and information technology. SUCOFINDO has 66 service points spread throughout Indonesia, managed in an integrated manner, and supported by experts in various fields. An extensive network of 75 laboratories provides close service to customers throughout Indonesia.


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