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Sparing and Onlimo: Is it Important for Your Business?

Sparing and Onlimo: Is it Important for Your Business?

Hello SuperSCI! Have you already known provisions from the government that stipulate the installation of Sparing, especially in the mineral and coal business and activities? Let us talk about what Sparing is and why it is important!

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Sparing is a short name for Continuous and Online Wastewater Quality Monitoring System. This system monitors, records, and reports the activity of measuring levels or a parameter and wastewater discharge automatically, continuously, and online. Moreover, the Sparing tool is used to measure the level of a quality parameter and wastewater discharge through automatic, continuous, and online measurement and report.

There are four required stages of Sparing, namely:

  1. Installation of Sparing tools;
  2. Sparing Operation;
  3. Calculation of water pollution load;
  4. Reporting of wastewater quality data monitoring.

In this digital era, we can monitor water quality online, which is called Onlimo. It stands for the Online Water Quality Monitoring System. Onlimo is an online and real-time water quality monitoring system using a sensor unit that is integrated with a data logger unit, data transmission unit, and software. This tool is used to detect wastewater in the industry for monitoring water quality in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, beaches, and sea waters.

Onlimo has several goals as follows:

  1. Creating an online and real-time water quality monitoring system;
  2. Producing a regional (national) water quality database;
  3. Developing a water quality monitoring information system.

SUCOFINDO has conducted research and development of water monitoring technology. In 2019, SUCOFINDO registered a Sparing solution to the Directorate of Water Pollution Control (PPA). It has passed the test and registered with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. With the mandatory installation of Sparing, SUCOFINDO is ready to support the implementation of a real-time wastewater quality monitoring system around Indonesia for industry players.

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SUCOFINDO is ready to provide consultancy services in the form of acid mine drainage treatment for mining industry entrepreneurs, both conventionally through chemicals and by using electronic methods that can be more efficient. In supporting other environmental-related activities or businesses, SUCOFINDO is also ready to monitor and test the quality of water, air, and emissions, and monitor ex-mining reclamation. SUCOFINDO also provides AMDAL and CSR consultation services based on ISO 26000, ISO 45001:2018 Certification on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, ISO 14001:2015 Certification on Environmental Management Systems and Green Port services for Ports.

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