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How Important is Halal Certification in the Food and Beverage Industries?

How Important is Halal Certification in the Food and Beverage Industries?

The word ‘halal’ must be familiar to Indonesians, especially with the growth rate of the Muslim population, which impacts the supply needs of halal products. The urge of the needs for halal products is supported by the awareness of Muslim and non-Muslim communities who see products with halal label as better known in terms of ethics, health, safety, and eco-friendly products. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee the distribution of food and beverage products with halal status. Indonesia has a majority of the Muslim population, applies the Halal certification scheme by BPJPH (Halal Product Certification Agency) through a series of inspection and testing processes by an independent Halal Audit Agency (LPH) and the determination of its halalness by a competent party, namely the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)

The certification aims to provide a sense of security and comfort to the public so that the products/services consumed or used under Islamic principles. Therefore, SUCOFINDO, a State-Owned Enterprise Company, has the competence to conduct audits, certifications, and tests, has been trusted as the LPH by BPJPH to become a halal audit agency, particularly through the scheme of cooperation processes between countries and companies around the world. Alright! Let us discuss how important Halal certification is in the food and beverage industries.

Halal certification is regulated in Law No. 33 of 2014 concerning the Halal Product Guarantee. Article 4 of the Law states that products which enter, circulate, and are traded in the territory of Indonesia must have halal certification. In order with the obligation of halal certification, those of you who have a business in the food and beverage industry will get several benefits by conducting halal testing at SUCOFINDO. Some of them are increasing value-added in producing and selling halal products, providing evidence that products can be traded in Indonesia, improving company image, and other profitable things.

With various benefits you can achieve with the increasing demand for halal products, it is essential to conduct Halal certification. Well, here are some reasons why Halal certification is essential in the food and beverage industries:

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1. Protecting Muslim consumers

Don’t you know? Non-halal food is still widely circulated in Indonesia, especially in supermarkets. By declaring a food and beverage product with Halal certificate, your product can protect Muslim consumers from consuming products that have been confirmed as Halal.

2. Providing a sense of security and comfort

Sometimes as Indonesian people, we certainly need a sense of security and comfort in the food and beverage we consume. With Halal certification, your products can help consumers buy them with a safe and comfortable feeling.

3. Presenting certainty of products

If your product is organized among other products and is already Halal certified, it is a guarantee that your product is suitable for consumption and is not indicated by things that are prohibited by the Islamic law.

Based on those three points, it is crucial to immediately get Halal certification for your products, especially in the food and beverage industries. You are nothing to lose for conducting Halal certification, we promise! Moreover, you can trust SUCOFINDO. We provide a one-stop service for the Halal audit. SUCOFINDO Laboratories have international and national licenses, accreditations, and recognitions. We as an LPH (Halal Audit Agency), can assist Halal testing by ensuring integrity, safety, health, and halalness of food and providing support for Halal certification. SUCOFINDO not only measures food and drinks by looking at the content of pork DNA, but we are also here to test the quality and safety of foods.

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You don’t need to hesitate anymore! Want to immediately do Halal certification? Contact us as a trusted LPH assigned directly by BPJPH. Find out more about Halal Certification through our CS via WhatsApp (08118910222), or you can join the Hilal Halal program at Sucofindo, which discusses the Halal certification process by registering at the following link

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