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Tips for Making Warehousing Management Effective

Improve Employee Efficiency with Warehouse Management

Warehousing management is an important business activity. This is useful for reducing the risk of loss or difference. By managing all existing stock you can ensure that all items or stock are sold more effectively and efficiently.

Reducing the risk of expired goods due to being stored for too long. Especially for consumer products that have a limited storage period. To make it easier to implement, you can follow the tips below.

What is Warehousing Management?

Warehousing management is a method of managing the activity of storing and dispensing stock in a warehouse. This method is a series of efforts to regulate, determine SOPs, and supervise goods management activities.

Goods entering the warehouse are current assets that will be used in the production process. To manage it, it is necessary to carry out clear records and also treatment according to SOP. It contains various series of continuous processes as follows.

1. Storage

Purchase of raw goods will go through a storage process which needs to be accompanied by records or inventory. Finished products that will be put into stock also need to be recorded.

The activities of entering, storing, organizing, choosing to issue, need to be governed by clear and measurable SOPs. This will avoid errors in the management of goods.

2. Expenditure

The expenditure process also includes warehouse management activities. It includes the expenditure of raw materials for production, semi-finished materials to be re-produced, and stock to be sold to customers.

This process follows the FIFO (First In First Out) principle. Avoiding discrepancies and damage because goods are stored for too long. Whether for remanufacturing or selling, what comes out is good quality goods

3. Packaging

The warehouse is the place for packaging activities before being released to be marketed or sold. This process requires company standards according to their respective policies. Although not specifically recorded, it is still included in warehousing management.

4. Return of Goods or Return

The portion for returning goods from consumers (returns) is regulated according to the SOP. Returned products can be stored in the warehouse for further processing determined by the company.

In warehouse settings, returned products are not combined with raw materials or other goods. Even though it is still related to operational activities, returns from consumers need to be treated differently.

Warehouse Management Tips

All series of operational activities are interrelated and have their own sequence for easy monitoring and regulation. In order to help with the organization of goods and all inventory related to the warehouse, you need to follow the short tips below.

1. Stock Taking/Monitoring

Stock/Collateral Monitoring is an activity to monitor the movement (in and out) of inventory items. In it, it is necessary to carry out direct checks on the quantity and physical condition during working hours with a double lock system.

Sucofindo provides this service by issuing stock monitoring reports periodically. At least during a 2-week period you will receive a report covering the recapitulation of receipts, expenditures and the last stock position.

2. Stock Verification

Inspection and counting of inventory is carried out based on the technique according to the type of inventory. Its implementation is supported by supporting documents relating to origin and mutation.

3. Goods Administration

Administration here is done by making a receipt. The Warehouse Receipt System is an activity of issuing, transferring, guaranteeing and completing transactions. Receipt will be proof of ownership.

Namely ownership of goods stored in the Warehouse. Issued by the Warehouse Manager through approval from BAPPEBTI. The receipt can be used as collateral or collateral for credit facilities to financial institutions, both banking and non-banking.

Sucofindo provides professional services to support your business development. Experts are ready to help with all problems and needs for effective warehouse management for your company.

For more information about certification services and transportation and warehouse sector. You can read our article here. If you and your company need further information regarding our services, contact and consult about it here.

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