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Sucofindo Presents Concepts to Green Port Certificatest

Environmentally Friendly Port Development Strategy Using Green Ports

The Green Port concept is one of the efforts of ports in the world to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy management efficiently. Some implementations include efficient waste reception and treatment facilities and using New and Renewable Energy to Solar Power Plants or PLTS as an energy source.

This can be an addition to using electric vehicles, replacing conventional lights with LEDs, implementing a green building, and providing shore connections for ship energy supply. As well as the use of CCTV for Digital Port Supervising (Petroport Application).

Applying this environmentally friendly concept improves the quality of land and water cleanliness. Reducing pollution from liquid, domestic, and Bahan Berbahaya dan Beracun (B3) also reduces carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

This concept can also protect the environment around the company from the pollution of the port process. This is intended to increase the empowerment of the company’s community through natural resources.

What is Greenport?

Developed country ports, including Indonesia, have implemented green ports. Currently, Indonesia has implemented it to preserve the environment by reducing carbon emissions and reducing the risk of global warming.

This is an international commitment to maintain the environmental sustainability jointly. This is because the port area is one of the largest emitters of carbon gas, whose impact is comprehensive.

A sustainable green port is expected to be able to balance the port process and essential aspects around it, including for tourism purposes, as well as the environment. For example, coastal pollution due to loading and unloading must be kept to a minimum.

Green port is an environmentally friendly port that has fulfilled its commitment to environmental management and social responsibility in supporting business sustainability.

This concept is one of the requirements that must be met to become a world-class port. Among other things, by providing green open space to maintain conservation functions in the port area.

In Indonesia, the green port program began in 2007. It was initiated by the Deputy for Coordination of Natural Resources and Services at the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, consisting of an inter-institutional team and a certified auditor from Sucofindo.

Green Port Certificate

Certification is carried out for ports that have submitted applications for assessment or assessment. This process started in 2019 for international ports in Indonesia. The results of the evaluation show the rank and work achievement of Green port.

The assessment has been carried out at nine ports, namely Teluk Lamong, Krakatau Bandar Samudera Public Terminal, Makassar Branch Terminal, and IPC Container Tj. Priok, Belawan International Container, Jamrud Tj. Perak, Semarang, Balikpapan and Makassar Containers.

The certification will be encouraged to continue to increase in the coming years with a target of 96% to 100%. It is striving to achieve the title of Green port in 2023. Its implementation is expected to increase competitiveness.

Good for the main business of the company and the supporting units of industrial facilities in global competition. This is also to jointly achieve targets according to international standards, directly enhancing the company’s reputation.

Nationally, green port certification shows that Indonesia is committed to becoming the world’s maritime axis. Increase the selling value in the international competition arena. This will provide various benefits for Indonesia.

One of them is positive cooperation with other countries in the maritime sector. For companies directly related to port activities, it is also easier to cooperate with foreign parties.

Sucofindo provides services for ports which can be seen on its official website. These services include Loading/Unloading Supervision, Equipment Certification, Non-Destructive Testing, Environmental Monitoring, K3 Management System, and green port certification

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