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Know the Air Quality Standard Index and How to Maintain It

Improve Air Quality Safety with the Air Quality Standards Index

Good air quality is a vital necessity that must exist in the environment and it is the community’s obligation to protect it. The best quality standard of air refers to the Air Pollution Standards Index which you must be familiar with.

However, the following will explain in detail about these things. Starting from how to maintain you breathe. The following is an explanation that you can refer to in the interest of maintaining better quality air.

Air Quality Standards Index

Knowing the air quality standard index must be based on the parameters of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. To measure it in Indonesian territory, the government uses the Air Pollution Standard Index.

The good or bad parameters of the air people breathe are divided into 5 important categories. These categories also have a range of values and explanations that are quite easy for the public to understand, namely:

1. Good category

Value range 0-50. That is, the level of inhaled air does not have an adverse effect on humans, animals and plants.

2. Moderate Category

Value range 51-100. That is, the inhaled air does not have a bad effect on humans and animals, but sensitive plants can be affected.

3. Unhealthy Category

Value range 101-199. That is, air whose quality is detrimental to humans and sensitive animals. Plants also experience damage and disturbed aesthetic value.

4. Very Unhealthy Category

Value range 200-299. That is, the air is already detrimental to health in some areas of the population.

5. Dangerous Category

The value range is >300. This means that the level of air quality is already dangerous and can cause serious health impacts.

How to Maintain Good Quality Air

You also need to know that the air quality parameters in one region are certainly different from other regions. This is because it is influenced by human population, motorized vehicles and building construction. However, there are several ways you can do to keep the air of good , such as:

1. Plant Trees

The first easy thing you can do is to plant a tree. The reason is because an area with minimal tree plants will have more air that is of poor quality and easily polluted.

The vital role of trees is to clean the air from pollution, so you must plant them around your home or office so that the air is maintained.

2. Using Environmentally Friendly Transportation

The next way to maintain  is to use environmentally friendly transportation. Because the use of motorized vehicles is a vital factor in the presence of poor-quality air pollution, it’s time for you to switch to environmentally friendly transportation.

For example, to cover short distances, you can simply use a bicycle or walk. Meanwhile, for long distances, you can use public transportation. If you do this one thing, then you have contributed to protecting the air and the environment.

3. Air Filter

This one aspect is the full responsibility of the factory or industrial sector. The obligation to have a good air filter can contribute to preventing excessive air pollution and carbon emissions.

4. Reducing Fossil Fuel Use

The last way to keep air of good quality is to reduce the use of fossil fuels. You are required to use environmentally friendly fuels, because fossil fuels affect the health quality of the air you breathe.

The air quality of an area must be tested regularly and have the best certification so that it can be better maintained by the community. The good news is that SUCOFINDO provides air quality testing certification services in various regions.

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