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Green Buildings? What are the Benefits for the Environment?

Prevent Global Warming with the Green Building Concept

Environmental conditions that are increasingly damaged make people come up with new concepts to care for them. One of them is the concept of green building. This concept, which has long been discussed and implemented in several countries, has the goal of preventing global warming. Then the question is, what is the concept of green building and its benefits for the environment?

What Is Green Building?

Understanding a green building concept is inseparable from its definition. You should know that the definition of a green building concept is a building whose aspects of construction, design and operation are environmentally based. The main goal of this concept is the safety of the environment and nature.

In its construction, the concept focuses on the utilization of existing natural resources. That is, development is very minimal use of non-natural materials. Creating a green building is inseparable from the contributions of architects and contractors.

There are several things that need to be met when build, namely efficient use of water and natural resources, utilizing renewable energy, reducing pollution and waste.

It aims to improve the quality of life and nature in it. Having a building with an environmentally friendly concept also requires quality certification, you just have to choose a company that provides the best green building certification.

Benefits of Green Buildings for the Environment

If you already know the definition of green building, then you also need to know the benefits construction. Not only beneficial for nature and humans, but also beneficial for building a better earth environment. For more details, see the explanation below:

1. Improving Quality of Life

Improving the quality of life is the benefit and goal of green building development. The environment is a vital aspect that has an impact on your health.

So that this green development will provide comfort and health for its residents. For example, the concept of a green building provides good access to sunlight for the body and good air circulation.

2. Saving Water Resources

If a green building is environmentally friendly, it is certain that access to water sources is more efficient. An example is the use of toilets with a vacuum system that will save more water than toilets in buildings that are not environmentally friendly.

3. Reducing Operational Costs

The most important benefit of the green building concept is reduced operational costs. Buildings that do not have  concept will take much longer and have higher maintenance operational costs.

This is because the concept will be paired with solar panels which save on electricity costs. So, technically you will save more than 10% on operational costs every day for the electricity aspect itself.

Because the presence of solar panels reduces your building’s electricity bill and this can have a big effect on saving operational costs.

4. Reducing Carbon Footprint

The fourth benefit is reducing the carbon footprint which has a major impact on the environment. The carbon content in the earth can have an impact on environmental damage, namely global warming.

The concept minimizes this from happening. Because carbon emissions are harmful to the earth, the concept can reduce damage to the atmosphere and the earth’s environment.

5. Older Use of Buildings

Finally, if you apply the concept to your building, the benefit is that the building is more durable and longer. This relates to the use of quality construction materials.

For example, implement buildings that can continue to grow, such as growing houses.

Green building is a good concept to maintain the quality of environmental and public health. To form a quality, of course there is a mandatory quality certification process as well.

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