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Have You Noticed the Importance of a Building Structure Audit?

Safe and Comfortable Buildings by Conducting Building Structure Audits

Have you ever heard of a building structure audit? Maybe some people are still unfamiliar with this term, even confused about what it means. In short, this is a test on a building structure to identify if there is damage.

For example, damage that occurs may be the appearance of cracks, subsidence of the foundation, or the building is shaken with the risk of collapse. In order to avoid unwanted things, it is necessary to carry out audits or tests on building structures on a regular basis.

Purpose of Conducting a Building Structure Audit

Some people may think that auditing buildings, especially the structural parts, will only increase expenses. Though, its function is very important and cannot be ignored.

Although you do have to spend more, especially if you use professional services, it is worth the benefits. Because conducting an audit of building structures will avoid greater damage that can create high losses.

In addition, it will maintain the safety of the occupants in it from various possible hazards, especially the danger of the collapse of the building. In addition, security will also be better maintained and the certainty that it is suitable for use is guaranteed.

Therefore, building owners, especially high-rise and multi-story buildings, must really make sure to test the building. So that possible damage or disturbance can be identified early on.

The process of testing the structure of this building starts from the planning stage, test preparation, data collection, then checks and advanced inspections. The process steps are quite long, especially if those who are working on it are less experienced.

Building Structure Audit Method

In the testing process, there are stages that must be carried out starting from review, early stage testing, analysis, to advanced analysis. The inspection must be conducted thoroughly using the method in accordance with the Minister of Public Works Regulation No. 25 of 2007.

In accordance with the Guidelines for the Certificate of Eligibility for Building/Building Functions, the audit methods that can be used are:

1. Core Drill

This testing is conducted on concrete by sampling using a special drill. Samples are taken after the concrete has stood firm and taken to the laboratory for further testing.

If the test results are good, then the test can be carried out with other methods. Because one method will not show the ability of concrete as a whole.

2. Rebar Scan

The next building structure audit method is a rebar scan or NDT Test, which uses a scanner on a concrete surface. After the scanning process, data related to the concrete will appear and capture its feasibility as well.

3. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test

It is a test that is often called the UPV Test to identify the strength of concrete. The trick is to emit ultrasonic waves on the concrete and see if the concrete is affected and how much it affects.

Ultrasonic waves will be directed to the concrete wall, then left for a few minutes. After the time is over, you can check whether the wave has an effect or not.

4. Hammer Test

Furthermore, the hammer test method is testing using a special tool, namely the Schmidt Hammer. The purpose of this scan is to obtain data regarding the homogeneity and durability of concrete.

5. Pulse Echo Test

Next is the method with ultrasonic waves where its function is to analyze and find damage to the wall. If there are imperfections in the installation, it will be seen from the data.

In this way, improvements can be made immediately to overcome this problem. If the damage is too severe, then the building is forced to be uninhabitable.

Not all building or building owners carry out audits of their buildings so that they know correctly whether they are suitable for use or not. Some people also can’t do the audit themselves because they don’t have enough knowledge.

So, if you are a building owner who wants to know the feasibility of the building, then you must choose a professional service in auditing. Sucofindo is a company specializing in structural audit services for various types of buildings.

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