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What Are the Types of Inspections in Mining Areas?

Prevent Incidents, Illness, and Injuries with Mining Inspections

In the mining industry, such a thing as a mining inspection means a careful assessment or review. The results of this review will help carry out development with the best quality in terms of the environment.

Because mining activities are risky because they dig the ground at a certain depth, this activity requires various things to be prepared and revitalized to avoid threats of negative impacts.

What is Inspection?

By definition, mining inspections are elements used to ensure product quality meets the expected standards. The good intention of reviewing is to satisfy consumers with the disseminated results.

Implementation of the review from the beginning can minimize various forms of negative impacts on production. Possible product returns, poor production quality, and remanufacturing costs can be prevented through early inspection.

The review in the mining sector is certainly not based on opinion alone. Requires special skills and various supporting technologies for accurate results. Inspection refers not only to products but also buildings and companies or organizations.

Purpose of Inspection

The review is carried out to achieve a purpose or goal. The objectives of reviewing the mining sector include the following:

  1. They detect defective raw materials so that they can be removed before entering the production process.
  2. Sorting good and bad quality goods before sending to customers.
  3. As a material for accurate information to management regarding facts on the ground so that management can make the right decisions.
  4. Reducing customer complaints by eliminating various non-quality materials.
  5. Play an essential role in improving product quality and reliability in the future.

The five objectives above are a reference for why an early review is essential. It takes the role of experts so that the results are accurate and the decisions made later will be correct.

Mining Inspection Implementation

Review activities can give the best results through several implementations. The implementation of various mining inspections includes the following types:

1. Routine Inspection

Before conducting a systematic review, three preparations were made, including a study of object data, preparing equipment, and presenting the inspection object. It is usually carried out by underground, surface, and spray mining.

Various other fields, namely processing and refining, surface facilities, power generation, post-mining, ports, and so on. Exploration activities are also included in the form of systematic reviews.

2. Inspection of Reclamation Implementation

This second review is carried out after the mining process is complete. The activities carried out include:

  • Conduct pre-inspection meetings with the head of mine engineering and company management for accurate instructions.
  • Reviewing the land to be reclaimed.
  • The mining inspection form of other reclamation implementations is to control erosion and sedimentation.

The three activities above are reclamation mining after the routine review is completed. All three must be passed sequentially to get accurate results.

3. Environmental Case Inspection

Finally, a review of environmental or incidental cases. This activity is carried out post-mining with the following implementations:

  • Conduct pre-inspection meetings with the head of mine engineering and company management for accurate instructions.
  • Sketch the location related to the environment to be mined.
  • Checking equipment-related environmental cases.
  • Checking environmental management facilities.
  • Review standard operating procedures or SOPs.
  • Identification of impact distribution.
  • Assessing environmental quality.
  • Interviewing reconstruction witnesses.
  • Test the feasibility of the tool.
  • Analyze the causes of events.

All three types of inspections can be carried out by the professional services of Sucofindo. Sucofindo’s experience in mining is unquestionable. The more stringent and precise the implementation of mining inspections, the less negative impacts will be.

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